Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

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Small dogs are special pets that you can embrace and cuddle easily.

You are a dog lover but can't support large size breeds? Well, you can take a look at these small and cute dogs.

The smallest dogs in the world

Chihuahua: 0.9-2.7 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Chihuahua belongs to Toy dog ​​line. With a maximum weight of 2.7 kg, Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world. Chihuahua dogs originated from Mexico. People named them after the Chihuahua state in Mexico. They have a round, small head, erect ears and round eyes. Chihuahua breeds have both short and long hair. In fact, Chihuahua is one of the dogs that has the greatest combination of coat color and lines.

Chihuahua dogs are very smart and curious, so they are easy to train. Chihuahuas love families very much, tend to wrap only a single family member.

Just like the Pomeranian squirrel dog, you can take Chihuahua wherever you like, because their small size is quite easy to move. They were bodyguards who held good things and would bark strangers and any strange sounds near. You should not leave Chihuahua dogs alone, as they can be easily attacked by other creatures.

Toy Poodle: 3 - 4 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Poodle dogs have three different sizes, tiny, miniature and standard, and they have different fur colors! Toy Poodle, weighing about 3-4 kg, was originally raised as an underwater dog - which means they are good at various water sports as well as in breeding and tracking prey! Their sensitivity and loyalty to the owner turns them into the most famous dog breed at once.

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Pomeranian: 1.9 - 3.5 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Pomeranian dog is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They stand out in small sizes, weighing only 3.5 kg. Pomeranian dogs are also often called 'pom'. A Pomeranian has long coat with 23 different colors including cream, chocolate, red, orange, white, black wolf, and black beaver.

Because dogs have small squirrels, you can bring them anywhere you want. Pomeranian is a great companion because they are very active, super smart, good social adapters and playful. Pomeranian always wants to please their owners and likes to participate in various activities with their owners.

Pomeranian dog is a good watchdog. They will bark at anything they find suspicious. They are suitable for keeping in a townhouse and need regular hair care. Note daily brushing to keep the coat beautiful and brush your teeth to be good for your oral health.

Yorkshire Terrier: 1.3 - 3.2 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Yorkshire Terrier is a famous toy dog ​​breed known for its long, smooth coat. Under normal conditions, Yorkshire never weighs more than 3.2 kg. They have small heads, medium sized black eyes and V-shaped ears. Long, smooth hairs come in many different colors - green steel and brown.

The characteristics of Yorkshire dogs depend on the training and social inclusion they receive during the period of a puppy under 10 months old. Well trained Yorkshire dogs will be extremely confident, courageous and daring. The Yorkshire Terrier is not suitable for outdoor living, because they cannot tolerate very cold or overheating conditions. Yorkshire dogs are good surveillance dogs. Yorkshire will bark anything they feel strange.

Papillon: 3.6 - 4.5 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Papillon dog is a small, friendly and affectionate toy dog. The name "Papillon" means "butterfly", placed on its butterfly-shaped ear. Papilon dogs reach a maximum height of 28 cm and weigh from 3.6 to 4.5 kg. This cute Papillon dog's fur is long and smooth. Like papillon also has good personality.

In order to feed Papillon puppies, they should be appropriately socialized and trained. Daily walking is also very important for papillon puppies. Dog papillon is extremely charming and dynamic. They love to master and are the perfect pet for apartments in the city center. Daily grooming is important to maintain the splendor of their smooth, long hair.

Japanese Chin: 3 - 4 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Japanese Chin dogs weigh about 3 to 4 kg and are perfect friends to play with children, you just need to be aware of the dog's physical strength. They need to be trained and trained to be more flexible, thus becoming the ideal companion for every family!

Maltese: 3 - 4 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

The Malteses are gentle and sensitive dogs, especially very obedient and supple enough to participate in agility competitions. However, do not use force or anger with them when training, that only counterproducts.

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Toy Fox Terrier: 1.5 - 3 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Toy Fox Terrier are very interesting dogs and always know how to make unique pastimes, regardless of age. They are very active, curious, and always try to dig holes or climb over to the other side of the fence even though the size is quite small, only about 1.5 to 3 kg. So be sure to give them enough exercise and daily walk!

Russian Toy Terrier: 1.5 - 3 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Russian Toy Terrier is one of the world's smallest breeds, weighing about 1.5 to 3 kg. The Russian Toy Terriers are completely unaware of their small size. They are very dynamic, but perfect family dogs, because they are very attached to their owners.

Brussels Griffon: 3 kg

Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world

Contrary to natural assumptions because of their small size and weight - only 3 kg taller - Brussels Griffon are very intelligent dogs, with a spirit of independence. They can easily be kidnapped or abused if not carefully monitored and trained thoroughly from an early age!

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