Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

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And they're not just diamonds.

Talking about gemstones, many people think that diamonds are the rarest one in the world. But in fact there are some types of gemstone that are much more valuable and rarer. Here are the 10 most expensive gemstones in the world.

Top 10 most valuable gemstones in the world

10. Jeremejevite - 2,000 USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

Jeremejev is a beautiful pure blue crystal, ranked among the rarest jewels in the world. The crystal was named after Russian mineralogist Pavel Jeremejev after he discovered it in 1883, in Namibia. Naturally, this mineral is pale yellow or colorless, and in oblong pyramid shape. It has also been confused with aquamarine pearls in the past. In early 2005, a 2.93-carat Jeremejev was sold online for US $ 2,000/carat.

9. Black Opal - 2,355 USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

Opal comes from the ancient Roman word Opalus (which means rainbow color). This cat-eye gem is rare because it has all the colors of other precious stones combined. Particularly, black opal is the most valuable gemstone. Opal is also believed to have the effect of increasing one's eyesight, preventing one's hair from turning gray. Australia is considered the country that owns the most Opal mineral deposits (accounting for 95%), the rest is scattered in countries like Mexico, northern Brazil, the US states of Idaho and Nevada, Ethiopia and Mali.

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8. Red Beryl - 10,000 UDS/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

This rare Red Beryl is mainly mined in the Thomas Range and Wah Wah Mountains in Utah (USA) and parts of Mexico. In these places, Red Beryl is found in Rhyolite, where it is crystallized at extremely low pressure and extremely high temperatures, along the volcanic magma cracks and holes. It can be said that in the world, it is very difficult to find a rare and precious gem with natural cut like the Red Beryl.

7. Musgravite - 35,000 USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

Musgravite is one of the newest and rarest gemstones in the world. They are a silicate mineral composed of beryllium (Be), magnesium (Mg) and aluminum (Al). The crystal is named after the Musgrave mountain range in central Australia - where they were first found. Later, Musgravite was continued to be found in Greenland (Denmark) and Madagascar. In 1993, two rare faceted Musgravite were first found in Sri Lanka.

6. Grandidierite - 50,000 USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

This rare, cyanotic mineral is found mostly on the Madagascar peninsula and is named after French explorer and natural historian Alfred Granidier. The first and only faceted cut Grandidierite found to date is in Sri Lanka. It was initially mistaken for Serendibite and was later acquired by Swiss mineralogy professor Edward J. Gübelin (1913 - 2005) in May 2000. This stone has a weight of 0.29 carats and is capable of changing colors from blue, green to bright white.

5. Painite - 50,000 to 60,000 USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

This stone was once thought to be the rarest mineral on Earth, and is still considered rare today. In 1950, English mineralogist discovered this gemstone for the first time in Myanmar. When it was appraised as a new mineral, it was named after Arthur C.D. Pain. Over the years, only three small Painite crystals have been found in the world. Until before 2005, there were less than 25 crystals excavated in Myanmar.

4. Blue Garnet - 1.5 million USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

Garnet is found in many colors such as red, orange, pink, yellow, green, purple, brown, black and colorless. In particular, blue garnet is the rarest, discovered in the late 1990s in Bekily, Madagascar and some other places in USA, Russia and Turkey. This gem has the ability to change color from cyan blue under sunlight to purple under the light of a filament. This phenomenon is due to the composition of blue garnet ​​which contains many Vanadium minerals - a rare metal that is blue, silver, and gray. In 2003, a 4.2-carat blue garnet was sold for $ 6.8 million.

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3. Serendibite - 1.8 to 2 million USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

The gem has unusual complex compositions such as calcium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, boron and oxygen. It is a blue mineral (cyan), originated from Sri Lanka. So far, only 3 Serendibite facets have been found in the world, with 0.35 carats, 0.55 carats and 0.56 carats, respectively. The first two were discovered by rare stone expert D. P. Gunasekera, which was later acquired by Swiss professor E. J. Gübelin. In particular, the smallest serendibite is priced at 1.43 million USD/Cara.

2. Red Diamond - 2 to 2.5 million USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

Currently red diamonds are the rarest natural mineral. There are very few people have the opportunity to see them directly. This rare kind of gemstone is purplish red. Regardless of its size and weight, red diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. Australia's Argyle mine is home to a small amount of this gemstone and every year or two, people choose to take the largest, most beautiful red diamond to auction for millions of dollars.

1. Jadeite - over 3 million USD/Cara

Top 10 most valuable gemstones on the planet

Until now, Jadeite is still considered the most mysterious, rare and expensive gemstone in the world. It can change its color from blue to red and vice versa. This beautiful gem originated mainly in Madagascar. In addition, it is also found in Mexico and the state of California (USA). In 1997, the record price for a piece of jewelry including 25 0.5mm Jadeite beads was sold for 9.3 million USD.

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