Top 10 longest living animals in the world

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The longest living animals in the world have a common feature that is suitable for extremely good habitats. From the environment with the highest temperatures to the most glacial climates, they can survive up to tens of thousands of years.

From invertebrates to large body-sized animals, they are the most likely species in the world's list of the longest living animals. A list of top 10 animals with the highest lifespan of the earth will make you astounding.

10. Red Sea Urchin

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: Oregonconservationstrategy

  The Red Sea urchin is found in the shallow waters of the Pacific Ocean as one of the longest living animals on earth. The animal, having a length of more than 15 centimeters, gnaw on the marine plant and uses its spikes to stop predators.  

Spiny tiny creatures can survive more than 200 years with a few signs of age-related disease, a U.S. Study group from Oregon and California found.

9. Koi Fish

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: IndiaMART

  Koi is a species of decorative fish derived from carp. In the years 1600, the Chinese adopted the carp in the rice paddies, a fact that came to Japan, where the Japanese noticed strange color variations in some carp and breeding them, creating koi fishes.   

The average life expectancy of koi fish outside Japan is about 15 years, while her 40 years in Japan. It is known that koi fish can live longer in optimal conditions and have many koi fish living more than 100 years. For the most part this is just rumors and most koi fish just live in a few decades. However, the oldest Koi fish on this list has lived for over 200 years and is scientifically validated. The other koi fish on this list may not survive for a long time, but their age is publicly recorded and they have news as one of the biggest koi fish ever had.

8. Longfin Eel

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: The styx

  Native to New Zealand and Australia, these eel usually live up to 60 years old with the oldest long-lived Longfin Eel recorded as 106 years old! Like Greenland sharks, these fish grow very slowly, which is why they can get so old.

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7. Macaw

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: Smithsonianmag

  The Long-tailed parrot was named the giant of the parrot world. It is derived from the southern part of North America (Mexico) plus Central America and South America. Evidence that the Caribbean also contains indigenous long-tailed parrots, which are now extinct, such as the Cuban Long-tailed Parrot (three-colored Ara) and the Saint Croix (Ara autochthones). They live in tropical rainforest, as well as grassland and vegetation-type areas. The Long-tailed parrot and other parrots, derived from the Amazon basin, such as Peru, have been observed feeding on clay (clay of the Open Riverbank), which researchers believe is the way for parrots to neutral toxins in some real They consume in the wild.  

The Long-tailed parrot can live up to 60-80 years, while their reproductive age ranges from 30 to 35 years old. Unfortunately, much of the long-tailed parrot is threatening in nature, and a few have been extinct due to illegal habitat degradation and trafficking in the pet trade.

6. African Elephant

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: Discover wildlife

  The African elephant is the world's largest terrestrial animal. The oldest can be up to 7, 5m, 3, 3m in the shoulder and weighs 6 tons. African elephants mainly eat leaves and branches of shrubs and trees, but also eat grass, fruit, and bark.  

Elephants live up to about 70 years, with females mostly capable of reproduction between 25 and 45. Males need 20 years of age to compete successfully in mating.

5. Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: Galapagos

  The Galápagos tortoise or giant Galápagos Tortoise Complex is the largest living turtles. The modern Galápagos turtle can weigh up to 417 kg. Today, giant turtles exist only on two distant islands: the Galápagos Islands 1000 km by the western continent of Ecuador; and Aldabrachelys gigantea of Aldabra in the Indian Ocean, 700 km east of Tanzania.  

With a life span of more than 100 years, it is one of the longest-living vertebrate animals. An individual in captivity lived at least 170 years.

4. Bowhead Whale

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: Smithsonian Mag

  The Bowhead whale is one of the longest living mammals in the world! They adapt nicely to live year-round in the harsh, cold Arctic waters. The Bowhead whale is famous for its intricate and beautiful songs, which they use to communicate with each other.

3. Greenland Shark

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: Ndlessocean

  Greenland Shark is the longest vertebrate on the planet. This animal, living in deep, chilly waters in the North Atlantic, can live for at least 272 years and can reach the age of nine to 500.  

Greenland Sharks have a unique eye structure of the lens that develops throughout the life of the animal. The older the animal, the more layers added to the lens. Scientists cannot count the classes as they will ring, but they can eliminate all the layers that have been added for many years until they reach the center, or the human embryo of the lens.

2. Ocean Quahog

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: Youngzine

  Ocean Quahog is a two-piece gastropod mollusk buried under the sandy bottom of the United Kingdom. It is a filter, which filters the organic matter from the water column by its siphon. Usually, the siphon is all that can be seen on the seabed and finally sometimes the hungry cod. They grow very slowly and live for a long time with the raw clam hundreds of years. It is the last surviving species of a family of similar claims appearing from the Jurassic!  

This large two-piece shell is found under the sandy seabed around the United Kingdom. It is the longest living animal known to humans, with an individual found to be 507 years old!

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1. Immortal Jellyfish

Top 10 longest living animals in the world
Source: Youtube

  Turritopsis dohrnii is now officially called the only immortal organism. The secret to eternal life, it is, not only is life a really long time. It's all about maturity, or rather lacking it. Species of impostor jellyfish (as it is known more) disseminated and subsequently, facing the normal career path of death, instead, they choose to return to the immature period of sexuality.  

It turns out that once the adult shape of the Turritopsis dohrnii width is 4.5 mm, they do not die, but turn them back into the juvenile state of polyps. Their tentacles retract, their bodies shrinks, and they sink to the bottom of the ocean and start the cycle again. Among laboratory samples, all mature Turritopsis observed frequent observation of this change. And not just once: they can do it again and again.  

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