Top 05 physiological enhancement foods for men

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Research results show that in many foods that are both rich in nutrients for the development of the body and help stimulate the endocrine glands of the male body to produce testoterol. Thanks to the presence of this hormone, male sexual desire increases.

It is also possible that other causes such as poor circulation and blood circulation help to bring blood from the body to the penis is low sequelae of diabetes, aging in the elderly, making the penis erect poor. The use of positive agents on the market only addresses the surface and causes many side effects.

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A safe measure is to use foods to strengthen internal organs such as the kidneys, pancreas and heart to help them function more effectively. If the body is healthy, the physiological function of men will be improved, we will take a look at 05 foods that help enhance the male physiology.

Top 05 physiological enhancement foods for men

Citrus fruits:

Top 05 physiological enhancement foods for men

According to studies, if the male body receives enough 200mg of vitamin C per day, the ability to produce sperm is much better than those who eat little or not enough.

When visiting the sick or elderly people, we often give them citrus because domestic orange juice contains a lot of vitamins A, C and many micronutrients such as iron, poor, calcium ... Moreover, they are the most easily absorbed fruit especially suitable for unhealthy people.


Top 05 physiological enhancement foods for men

The chili contains many capsaicin components that make the spicy of it is proven to be able to sterilize, anti-aging and help blood circulation. In men, eating a lot of chili helps the body stay healthy and also enhances the ability of the erection better because the blood is fully inserted into the penis.

Furthermore, chili contains a lot of vitamin A and 5 times more vitamin C than tomatoes or carrots  which are very beneficial for human health. In medicine, chili is a traditional medicine to treat aches, sore throat, arthritis ... The daily use of chili enhances the health of many parts of the body, thereby increasing male physiology better. .


Top 05 physiological enhancement foods for men

In addition to being a delicious spice used in many delicious dishes. Celery also has good aphrodisiac properties because it contains a lot of androsterone, an odorless hormone secreted in men through the sweat glands, which increase the desire for sex.

This hormone is regulated by kidneys, which means celery contributes to kidney function better. Kidneys are one of the leading organs that regulate the desire of men.

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Top 05 physiological enhancement foods for men

Seafood like oysters, lobsters and many other types of seafood have the effect of increasing endurance and pleasure because they contain lots of zinc. An important substance in the synthesis of hormone testoterol male sexual stimulant.

In addition, oyster meat is also very sweet, contains many additional nutrients for the body such as protein, gludic, zinc, calcium ... with very high content and benign, so it can be used daily instead of red meat which is the leading cause of atherosclerosis causing physiological weakness.


Potassium and vitamin B-rich bananas are the leading catalysts for men to control sex status better. In the past, people often used green bananas, eel meat and perilla vegetables to cook into a dish to help nourish and restore the vitality of men. Green bananas or banana flowers are indispensable ingredients.

Top 05 physiological enhancement foods for men

In addition, bananas are a nutritious and easily absorbed food that is friendly to the digestive tract, helping to detoxify and keep the body's compartments healthy from the inside. Eat 1 banana a day to help fight digestive diseases and help men feel better.


Top 05 physiological enhancement foods for men

Traditionally considered as a traditional medicine, chives have strong positive properties, and make kidneys better for men. The manuscript book wrote "Chives have warmth, blood gas should eat regularly" chives have the ability to treat sperm, back pain very effectively, chives leaves have the effect of kidney, detoxification, gas often used in antenatal remedies.

Chives are rich in cellolose, which is much higher than other vegetables to help the drug promote intestinal coagulation, reducing the risk of intestinal cancer. In addition, it also reduces the absorption of cholesterol into the body, thereby reducing atherosclerosis, effectively preventing the arising of cardiovascular diseases.

As mentioned above, the desire of men involves many parts of the body, especially the kidneys, so the care for the blood circulation, the effective working parts is extremely important. Just only a weakened part can reduce the body's ability to function, so patients need to take care of many foods.

Provide enough vitamins and minerals to strengthen the body from within the immune system from which to promote positive sex life.

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