Toned Thighs And Legs With This 10 Minutes Workout

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Never skip leg day, they said. One fact about people go to the gym to get fit and defined muscle is they never skip leg day. Leg day is very important as it build your thighs and legs muscle to handle extreme weight. Skipping leg day can cause disproportionate to your body shape. These are simple leg exercise which only take 10 minutes that you should try.

If you are into fitness or are trying to lose weight, you probably understand the importance of leg days, and you also know the pain that follows one if you do not do the right exercises and do not stretch well before one. A leg day is also important to make sure your body is proportionate, if you work out your arms and core and build muscle while ignoring the legs, it can lead to very disproportionate body shape.

It is difficult to find time to work out and exercise in our busy lives and a ten-minute workout sounds just about right to help you be fit while taking care of the time you invest in it. Here is a ten-minute workout for your legs, to help you get toned and slim thighs and legs.

The best part about this workout is that it is gender versatile – whether you are a man or woman, this workout can help you achieve the right fitness for your legs. This workout does not require any requirements and is a beginner level workout.

Squat and lunges

Toned Thighs And Legs With This 10 Minutes Workout

This exercise requires you to stand straight, with your feet apart, and do a normal squat and while returning to the normal standing position, extend one leg backwards for a backward lunge. Repeat the squat and do the lunge with the opposite leg. Do not count the reps, and just do this exercise according to your body strength.

This workout exercises muscles in your core, your glutes and hamstrings, and your calf muscles. It is a great workout to do on your leg day to lose weight and tone this part of your body.

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Forward bends with a deadlift

Toned Thighs And Legs With This 10 Minutes Workout

The next workout to do on your leg day is the forward bends with or without a deadlift. Stand with your feet apart, in the deadlift position. You can hold a dumble if you want to add weight. Then simply bend your back to make your hands reach the floor, or just below the knee, according to what is possible for your flexibility levels. The main idea of this workout is to stretch the hamstrings in the thighs and tone those muscles. The most important part of this workout is to keep your back straight.

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Calf raises

Toned Thighs And Legs With This 10 Minutes Workout

The next workout can make you feel like a Ballerina. It is a very simple workout that exercises your calf muscles. All you have to do is stand straight, with your arms on your side, and your feet apart. Just raise your calf muscles by going on your toes, and then going back to the normal position. Continue to repeat it for 5 minutes. You can also give this workout a twist by turning your feet slightly inside, as this will increase the pressure on the muscles and burn more calories.

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Toned Thighs And Legs With This 10 Minutes Workout

The next exercise that can work wonders for your body is the hip ups. To do this exercise, lie down on your back and bend your knees to place your feet flat on the ground and keep your arms right next to your body. Then, use your leg muscles and your core to lift your hips off the ground, without lifting the feet from it. Repeat the exercise for a few minutes.

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