Togean Islands: The 'tropical wonderland' of Indonesia

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Located right on the equator, 56 islands and 37 villages are scattered on the bright blue waters of the Molluca Sea forming the Togean Islands.

This tiny tropical wonderland is home to some of the last remaining Bajau Laut people, known as sea gypsies. This is an Austronesian ethnic group in the Southeast Asian Sea that originated in the south of the Philippines. Furthermore, you'll find impressive marine landscapes, unspoiled beaches and some of the best diving locations in Indonesia.

Togean Islands: The tropical wonderland of Indonesia

The Togean Islands are protected by Tomini Bay, where there are shallow, tranquil waters, and getting to the archipelago takes some effort but it really deserves it. The remoteness of the archipelago helps Bajau sea nomads preserve their traditional lifestyles, and the unspoiled archipelago is mostly visited by adventurous travelers.

Some attractive islands in the Togean Islands

Batukada Island

Togean Islands: The tropical wonderland of Indonesia

Wakai is a small fishing port in Batukada - the largest of all of the Togean islands and the main point of entry. It's a great place to get to know the local culture as soon as you get there; Simple stilt houses are located on the beach and the smell of fish is always here. This is the gateway to the great Togean Islands.

Bomba is the first place you'll want to look around: located on the south side of the island, it is known for its beautiful collection of bungalows, a stunning snow-white beach, coral fringe, bat caves, and friendly locals.

Kadidiri Island

Togean Islands: The tropical wonderland of Indonesia

The second largest Togean Island is easily accessible from Wakai, and its main resort is the private Sunset beach. However, most visitors may want to explore one of its offshore islands, especially Kadidiri.

This is the place for you if you want to meet indigenous marine residents as well as other tourists - as this is the only place in the Togean Islands to have a "social life".

There are a number of resorts on the island as it becomes increasingly popular as an ecotourism hub and divers. Black Marlin, Kadidiri Paradise and Harmony Bay resort have nice accommodations and can arrange diving, kayaking, snorkeling and ecotourism tours.

Una Una Island

Togean Islands: The tropical wonderland of Indonesia

Una Una is a lovely volcanic island with black sand in the Togean archipelago, where there are coconut palms curling over emerald water, giant and healthy coral reefs, transparent water filled with fish and turtles, as well as colorful sharks.

To get here, you will need to organize a private charter boat to take you to Una Una Sanctum - a lovely diving resort with nice, clean and cheap rooms on the beach and with a wharf right near the beach.

Malenge Island

Togean Islands: The tropical wonderland of Indonesia

Although there is no diving center on this tiny island, scuba diving lovers will absolutely love this place. Malenge Island is famous for its idyllic white beaches, peaceful vistas and native Bajo people.

You can rent a canoe and visit one of the nomadic seaside villages nearby. Kadoda Village is most visited thanks to the wooden bridge connecting the village to the main island. Malenge Island consists of two islands - Papan Island and Kakoda Island, both of which are connected to a 1,800m-long wooden trail.

Bolilanga Island

Togean Islands: The tropical wonderland of Indonesia

This super quiet island is the perfect place to relax, sunbathe, swim, or read books. At Bolilanga Island Resort on the island there are sandy beaches, turquoise shoals, vast coral reefs (just off the beach), many snorkeling spots and charming bungalows.

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