Tips to overcome language barriers when traveling abroad

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The language barrier is very common when traveling abroad. Many people are afraid to travel overseas because they are afraid of not knowing the language where they want to go.

But with the following ways, your trip will be more interesting and smoother.

Tips to overcome language barriers when traveling abroad

Memorize some common sentences when communicating

Tips to overcome language barriers when traveling abroad

The basic communication sentences that you have to pay special attention to often revolve around usual topics such as “hello”, “thank you”, “sorry”, ask for directions, prices, foods, drinks, health... They will be of great help to you in your daily communications in the country you plan to visit.

Boldly express what you want to say

The important thing when communicating with native speakers is that you have to be bold and say what you want. If you do not know the vocabulary, you can use other ways to express instead of words, such as drawing pictures on paper or using body language.

Certainly, native speakers will enthusiastically help you correct mistakes while speaking, which will help you improve your foreign language skills effectively.

Prepare the most common vocabulary and sayings

Tips to overcome language barriers when traveling abroad

When traveling abroad, you may encounter some unexpected incidents such as losing your passport, getting lost, being robbed, or getting sick, traffic accidents ... Therefore, you need to know certain vocabulary and some of the most useful sayings that can be presented to others when you need help.

These may be directions to hospitals, police agencies, parks, post offices or shopping centers. Just in any case, you can use that statement right away.

Today, there are many photo dictionaries or dictionary software that support translation that can be installed on your phones and tablets. Therefore, you can bring these products with you to use them when needed.

Know in advance the unique culture of the destination

Tips to overcome language barriers when traveling abroad

This will help you avoid situations that might be taboo in some countries. For example, the act of pointing shoes at others is taboo in Islamic countries, because the soles are said to be dirty, closer to the devil and very far from the gods. Or, thumbs up are rude acts in Russia, Latin America, Greece, the Middle East and parts of Africa. Or you might get caught when sticking your tongue out in Italy, because in 2009 an appeals court in Italy ruled that sticking one's tongue in someone's face during a dispute was an insulting and illegal act...

Always stay friendly when traveling

Friendly communication is the "key" to help people become closer and understand each other. Therefore, do not forget to communicate with native speakers with a gentle, affectionate tone.

In addition, make it a habit to always say thank you or apologize politely when you ask others to help you do something, along with a bright, approachable, sincere gaze when communicating. This is essential to help you overcome the problem of language barrier effectively.


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