Tips to help you get perfect eyebrows for your face

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These tricks will help women save time drawing eyebrows every day, while bringing confidence and harmony to the face.

Although eyebrows occupy only a very small portion on the face, they are an extremely important factor that determines the charisma of the whole face. Drawing eyebrows is not easy at all. You need to know how to match them with your face and skin color - they can't be too light or too dark. You also need to know when to use lead, when to use powder, gel brush... All of these problems will be solved within 2 minutes if you apply following tricks

How to find the perfect eyebrow shape for your faceshape

Round face

Tips to help you get perfect eyebrows for your face

Gentle eyebrows are suitable for round faces. This type of eyebrows is a bit thin and tapering towards the tail. The head of the eyebrows should be a little lower than the end, which will help your face look smaller and more elegant.
If you are still wondering which eyebrows are suitable for your round face, then arched eyebrows are the right choice.

Oval face

Tips to help you get perfect eyebrows for your face

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A woman possesses an oval face is characterized by a slender jawbone. Therefore, soft eyebrow shapes are ideal.
For those with oval faces, you should draw your eyebrows a bit straight, the top of the eyebrows should be curved out of the eyeballs. The eyebrows should be slightly high to help the face look slimmer.

Square face

Tips to help you get perfect eyebrows for your face

Those with square faces often have a high forehead, the chin is short and slightly enlarged. Therefore, the owner of this kind of face often looks a bit rough, not very feminine. A soft, natural eyebrow shape is the best way to reduce this roughness, bringing a harmonious and feminine face.
For those with a square face, the eyebrow tails should be slightly curved and soft.

Long face

Tips to help you get perfect eyebrows for your face

Usually, people with long faces will have slightly pointed chin. Therefore, to help your face become more balanced, you should choose the Korean-style eyebrows with equal heads and tails. For a long face, the ideal eyebrow shape will be the straight eyebrow to help the face look more harmonious and balanced.

How to choose the right eyebrow color for your skin color

Besides choosing the right eyebrow shape that suits your face, choosing the eyebrow color is also something that you need to pay special attention to. Eyebrow color should not be selected according to trends. It must match your skin color.

For white skin

If you own a white skin, that is too great. Because this not only helps you easily select the desired eyebrow color, but also makes the coordination of your clothes or makeup become extremely simple. White skin is suitable for all eyebrow colors, so you can freely choose the color according to trends...

For yellow skin

Compared to fair skin, yellow skin is a bit more picky. For those with yellow skin, you should choose reddish brown eyebrows, making the face less pale and become fresh, ruddy. In case you have dark yellow skin, you should choose an eyebrow color similar to your skin color: dark brown, chocolate brown...

For dark skin

Picking the right eyebrow color for those with dark skin is very simple. You just need to choose a color that is darker than your skin, such as chestnut brown, coffee brown, dark brown, light brown... These colors will help your eyebrows become more harmonious with the face.

Tips to help you get perfect eyebrows for your face

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How to draw eyebrows

Determine the points on the eyebrows to make a mold

You can determine the top of the eyebrow using a makeup brush straight from the nose to the corner of the eye so that the brush is parallel to the bridge of the nose. Next, use an eyebrow pencil to mark the intersection between the brush and the eyebrow.
The highest point of the eyebrow should be the cut-off point between the eyebrow and the diagonal line from the tip of the nose through the eyes.
Finally, use a makeup brush from the nose to the corner of the eyes to determine the end of the eyebrows. The intersection of the brush and your eyebrows is the perfect end for the eyebrows.

Tips to help you get perfect eyebrows for your face

Step 1: Create a shape with lead
Choose an eyebrow pencil with a color that is similar to your original eyebrow color. Draw short, light lines according to the eyebrow pattern defined above to create thickness for the eyebrows.

Step 2: Spread eyebrow powder
Use a brush to gently spread eyebrow powder or dark brown eyeshadow along the direction of the eyebrow growth to help the eyebrows look more dense but still retain the soft nature.
Take advantage of water eyeliner to lightly draw each strand into the thin spaces on the eyebrows to create a 3D effect that will help thicken the eyebrows in the most natural way.

Step 3: Use eyebrow mascara
Finally, apply specialized brown eyebrow mascara evenly from the top to the tail to make the eyebrows thicker and stronger.

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