Tips to help wet hair dry quickly

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Sometimes using a blow dryer may not be the only and best way to help your watery hair dry quickly ...

Wet hair after shampooing or accidentally drenched in rain makes girls have to quickly find ways to dry it to avoid annoying annoyances. Here are some simple and effective tips that are synthesized from practice to help you save time when your hair is wet.

5 tips to help wet hair dry quickly

Hair conditioner and sparse toothbrush:

Tips to help wet hair dry quickly
Tips to help wet hair dry quickly

A fact you may not know: conditioner bottles not only have a common use for making hair smoother, but they can also make your wet hair dry more quickly. . After washing your hair with shampoo, apply conditioner to your hair, but also use a wide-tooth comb to comb from the roots to the ends. This action helps your hair to absorb even more conditioner but also helps it after rinsing with water to dry faster than without using a comb.

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Use towels:

Tips to help wet hair dry quickly

Towels actually do not work with your wet hair, especially in drying if you do not choose and use them properly. Rubbing a towel in your hair will only help to dry it briefly on the skin of the shell and immediately limit the water droplets that are still flowing from your head down. Instead, squeeze your hair with super absorbent soft towels made from microfiber, the effect can be doubled. You can then wrap the hair in a towel and leave it on your head to absorb water or wipe gently, then let the hair dry naturally.

Plopping Method:

Tips to help wet hair dry quickly

If you have curly hair, try Plopping. This method not only helps your curly hair to dry quickly, but also keeps your hair better than normal drying. After shampooing, apply moisturizer or moisturizing cream to the hair. Place a sleeveless T-shirt on a chair or flat shelf closest to you, the neck and sleeve facing you. Then stood up, lowering his head to shake his hair down the center of the shirt. Keep your hair in place, pull the bottom of your shirt up to the back of your neck, and tie the buttons of your sleeves behind your head tightly until you feel sure. Leave the shirt on for 10-20 minutes then remove and let the hair dry itself.

Choose a hairbrush:

Tips to help wet hair dry quickly

If you are a person who always dries his hair after shampooing, make sure you are using the right one. A round comb with many small spines arranged sparsely is best suited at this time. The small space on the comb will allow air to pass through when you comb your hair, which will help hair dry faster. Also, do not forget to direct the top of the dryer downwards whenever you use it. If you have thick hair, you can split it into many different sections and then "treat" each part before going to the other part.

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Use drying products:

Tips to help wet hair dry quickly

For extremely busy girls, this will probably be the most appropriate choice. Obviously, everyone wants their hair to be wet as quickly as possible. And on the market today there are gel product lines that help to do that. The polymers create heat when sprayed into the hair will help water deposited on your hair automatically evaporate and thereby dry faster.


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