Tips to be a pro at taking perfect photos

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Taking a photo is not simply take a snap randomly. It takes skills, precision and body postures to take a perfect picture, and we will guide you through it.

Ways to Bring out Your Photogenic Features

Now I have a few go-to tips which always come in handy when I'm clicking my selfies. I always make sure that the following facts are adhered to while I'm either getting a photo clicked or clicking one.

1. Choose your angle

It is very important that one knows his or her angle. It is your angle that will highlight your best facial features. This is strictly speaking from a selfie perspective. If you are someone who does not like smiling often but loves to take pictures of yourself, then this tip applies to you as well.

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2. Experiment with the camera

Whenever I click a selfie I make sure to focus the camera's lens on my face. I do this because I constantly keep asking myself the question, how to be more photogenic? I realized that the best way to find out how to be photogenic is to experiment.

What I mean by experimenting with the camera is to try focusing your camera's lens on your face and see how the pictures look once clicked. I focused the camera's lens on my eyes and that makes my face become more photogenic. My personal preference might not be what you prefer, and that is why you should keep experimenting with the camera to find what you like and what you want to show.

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3. Choose your poses wisely

Tips to be a pro at taking perfect photos

Are you also haunted by the question of how to be photogenic? Then don't worry, you're not alone. I have been in the same place as you. After several trials, I finally found what pose works best for me. For example, my signature pose is my smile. This might not be the case for you, you could choose to pout, pose with your tongue out, and go for any other pose. You need to know what your comfort level is. If you think you can pout instead of smiling, then make that your photo face. If you can pull off that look, then make it your signature pose, which will automatically increase your photogenic abilities ten folds.

4. Dress smart

If you are looking to click an #OOTN which is the acronym for Outfit Of The Night or #OOTD, meaning Outfit Of The Day, then you have to dress smartly. If your attire complements your skin type and the look you're aiming for, then this too answers how you can be photogenic. You can be photogenic by doing so.

I realized the importance of dressing smart on my birthday when I wanted a "red carpet" look and found that my attire was not in accordance with the look that I had in mind. This is when I realized that if I want a certain picture to come out the way I want, then that means I have to pay attention to my dress sense.

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5. Smiling is not always necessary

Yes, you read that right! You do not always have to smile while clicking a picture. You can pose with a straight face and yet accentuate your different facial features. For example, if I have to shoot for a commercial, I could tilt my face in such an angle that will highlight my cheekbones and make my face look sharp and attractive.

This again answers one of the most sought-after questions, which is how to look good in photos without smiling.

Smiling is not an absolute requirement to make yourself more photogenic. You can gasp, look to your left or right and try out all kinds of quirky and fun poses and all of this can be done without smiling. If you have the spunk then you can look photogenic even when you do not smile for the cameras. It's all about how you present yourself.

6. Do your makeup right

Doing up your face according to your outfit and look is absolutely imperative. If I want a Sunday brunch look, then I do my makeup light and tie my hair in a loose ponytail, and wear the right clothes for the occasion before leaving for my day. Doing makeup according to the look you have in mind is very important. When you are clicking a photo, all the different elements on your body - your outfit, makeup, accessories, and shoes - should complement each other.

If your makeup for a marriage ceremony is the same as the one you apply when you go grocery shopping, then it should not come to you as a surprise that the pictures will not look very appealing. Knowing what makeup to use and when to use it is also essential.


How to be photogenic, is a question bothering me, you, and most of us. The simplest answer to this question is to know one's style and comfort zone. Pose in a manner which will highlight your best features, find your angle and click away!

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