Time Traveller Shocks Us All Again With Information About the Future

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The world's scientists are wasting their time with all their technological advancements, dragging us kicking and screaming into the future - because we already know what's going to happen in years to come. Yes, ApexTV has discovered what will happen to large swathes of the world in a few decades' time.

You might recall the folks behind the YouTube channel put a time traveller from 2045 through a lie detector test - which, astoundingly, he passed.

Well, they've somehow - incredibly - managed to unearth someone else who's travelled back through time. Today we have the pleasure of meeting Kasper.

Kasper's face is blurred out - presumably in case we recognise him and shop him to the sort of government agencies who deal with temporal anomalies and truthers from the future - and his voice sounds like it has gone through one of those distorting machines that the fella out of Saw uses.

He says: "Shocking things are going to happen in the future. I'm going to share with you one of the most shocking things that you will have ever heard before.

"You will be absolutely shocked at the information I'm going to give you."

In fact, Kasper assures us multiple times that he has shocking news for us - which we await with baited breath.

He informs us that the world leaders of the future are no longer human as they've been supplanted by artificial intelligence - which is probably not a bad thing, to be honest.

Time Traveller Shocks Us All Again With Information About the Future
Kasper shocks us with his news. Credit: ApexTV

He also tells us that in the year 2028, the truth about time travel will be revealed to humans and goes on to let us know what happen will happen to Los Angeles in 2063 - Kasper himself has travelled from 2075, so it's all ancient history to him.

To cut a long story short - Los Angeles will be the flooded and underwater in just 43 years. Oh good, that's not terrifying at all.

Something doesn't add up here - because the last time traveller, Adam Archon, told us that this will happen by 2045. I'm starting to wonder who we should trust.

According to Adam, ApexTV's other time traveller, we also know who the president will be in the future.

Time Traveller Shocks Us All Again With Information About the Future
Adam even passed a totally legit lie detector. Credit: ApexTV

He confirmed that Martin Luther King Jr's granddaughter Yolanda Renee King - who will be 36 in 2045 - will be President of the US. Huge if true. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

I, for one, have never encountered a time traveller myself - where would we find one? Maybe ApexTV could let us in on that little secret as well?

Featured Image Credit: ApexTV

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