Threats of harm to health if regularly waking up late at night

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The risks of having dangerous diseases such as heart attack, brain cancer, stomach diseases... Is the thing that you have to face.

Break has synthesized and given the risk that you will encounter if you have long-lasting habits.

Obesity for weight gain

Threats of harm to health if regularly waking up late at night
Source: Thriveglobal

In a 2016 analysis of 17 studies published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition Europe showed that people who were not resting all night had eaten on average over 385 calories the next day compared to those with 8 hours.

Consuming too much food late at night will make you very easy to gain weight, and also because this is the time when digestive ability does not reach at the level of being able to balance.

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Risk of heart attack

The research lead Shape page of the scientists at the University of Pittsburgh (USA) shows the habit of being late and sleeping all day can kill you because of the increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  

Threats of harm to health if regularly waking up late at night
Source: Medicalnewstoday

  "Fatigue after a nighttime sleeplessness has affected our biological rhythm and sleep schedule. Research has demonstrated that this fatigue, particularly in the work of shifts, causes obesity and cardiovascular function effects, "The main author of the study, Ms. Patricia M. Wong, working at the University of Pittsburgh said.  

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The risk of diabetes

If sleep deprivation becomes chronic, blood sugar when hunger will increase, reduce the likelihood of insulin secretion and increase the risk of diabetes and metabolism syndrome.   People who suffer from insomnia, whether during short or long-term sleep are prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes 2, high blood pressure, blood fat disorders.

Decreased memory and has poor reflexes

Threats of harm to health if regularly waking up late at night
Source: Harvard

  According to many studies, late-night work has a lot of influence on wisdom and causes memory impairment. When the brain does not have enough rest time will cause the nervous system to function poorly, the amount of blood and oxygen to the brain does not catch. If this prolonged condition will cause you to lose focus, memory impairment and the ability to memorize will decline rapidly.   Whether you are in a healthy age that does not pay attention to a reasonable resting regime, dementia will appear early in the elderly.  

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Tips for overcoming late-night evidence

  • Warm water bath
  • Balancing living house in the most scientific way
  • Use of technological equipment at short time
  • Sport Training

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