Things to note before porcelain veneers

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190/5000 Porcelain crowns help you have a bright white smile to help you confidence, scoring absolute points for the opposite person. However, before proceeding with porcelain crowns, please memorize the following important tips!

In recent years, porcelain veneers are an aesthetic trend that attracts the attention of a large number of people of all ages. Everyone wants to own a healthy and beautiful teeth to help the smile shine more confidently, but not everyone really understands this type of aesthetics. Please refer to the following article for information you need to know about porcelain crowns!

1. What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain crowns are a method to help restore and improve teeth in cases such as chipped teeth, thin teeth, coral or slight teeth, stained antibiotic teeth, cavities, myelitis, enamel wear ... These are The advanced aesthetic method in modern dentistry helps the teeth look beautiful naturally so you can always have a beautiful smile.

Things to note before porcelain veneers

To cover porcelain teeth, the doctors will carry out the base teeth from real teeth and install a crown on top to protect the true teeth to restore the teeth to look like the teeth in shape and color.

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2. Advantages and disadvantages of porcelain crowns


- High durability: If porcelain veneers in prestigious centers have good doctors and adequate care tools, the time will be maintained for 7 to 15 years.

- Bring high aesthetic effect: When porcelain veneers, you will own regular teeth with natural colors hard to detect with the naked eye. Porcelain crowns quickly restore good chewing function to brighten white teeth more evenly to let the smile shine.

- Painless: Porcelain crowns are neither painful nor irritating to the body. Besides, over time porcelain teeth do not tarnish, not lime or tooth decay.

Things to note before porcelain veneers


- After a period of time, the sensitivity of the teeth will decrease and you will feel that the food and drinks are not the same as before.

- Porcelain teeth are vulnerable to hard eating or impact or even deviation of the occlusal joint, which leads to disorders of the temporomandibular joint.

- When making porcelain teeth you may suffer from sensitivity will depend on the qualifications and skills of doctors.

- In some cases, to beautify the beauty, you can grind the teeth to touch the pulp, you have to take the root, so the teeth will not be as strong as before.

- If the crown technique is not done correctly, it will seriously affect the structure and damage your teeth. So you need to choose reputable facilities to decide dental implants.

3. What cases should be porcelain veneers?

The teeth are thin, deviant, crowded

For those who own sparse teeth, deviated or crowded teeth instead of choosing braces you can wrap porcelain teeth to ensure the aesthetics to be naturally effective.

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Many cavities, large chunks

If you are suffering from too much tooth decay but cannot use dental fillings for treatment, porcelain crowns should be covered to protect teeth from harmful agents.

Things to note before porcelain veneers

Dead pulp

In the case of tooth decay, the tooth will be more prone to fracture and loss of elasticity than normal, brittle teeth and the possibility of high fracture. So porcelain veneers are a method that helps protect teeth from cracks making it difficult for chewing to cause pain.

Teeth stained

If your teeth are often dull due to many impact factors, you can wrap porcelain teeth to have natural white teeth. Using ceramic crown method will make the teeth color is more durable, the color will also be adjusted according to preferences.

With the information we share, hope to help you have useful information about cosmetic porcelain crowns. Good luck!

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