These Rare Bananas Taste Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream

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How can you integrate the taste of ice cream into a fruit? Well you don't have to. You just need these Blue Java bananas!

You thought you were being all tropical and fancy when you decided to replace your afternoon apple with a few slices of pineapple, but you're going to be feeling pretty damnstupid when you realise you ain't tried nothing yet.

Yep, your fruit-loving life is even more sheltered than you feared, as it turns out there's a special type of banana that's not only blue, but also tastes of ice cream. I know.

The Blue Java banana is said to have a consistency and flavour very similar to vanilla ice cream, and while the flesh is the same colour as a regular 'nana, the skin has a strange blue hue to it.


According to NovoTaste the Blue Java cultivar originated from South East Asia, and spread through continents to Northern Australia. It's also known as the ice cream banana in Hawaii, Cenizo in Central America and Hawaiian banana in Fiji.

So what's the verdict? Is vanilla ice cream a flavour you want from your banana?

Thankfully, there are people who blog about fruit who can tell us what we need to know.

Fitness vlogger and raw food enthusiast Grant Campbell (aka Raw Aussie Athlete) gave one ago and videoed his reaction, telling us the flavour was 'phenomenal'.

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These Rare Bananas Taste Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream
Looks grim, but apparently tastes great. Credit: YouTube/Raw Aussie Athlete

Peeling the skin back in the clip, Campbell pushes the ripe flesh out of the skin, saying: "That looks terrible, right?"

It does - but he assures us that appearances can be deceiving.

"Party in my mouth," he says while enthusiastically chowing down.

"So good. Unbelieveable.

"You've got to wait until these suckers are so soft that you're ready to throw them away and then eat them - that's the time to eat them."

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These Rare Bananas Taste Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream
The bananas in their skin. Credit: YouTube/Raw Aussie Athlete

Another YouTuber called LadyFlora was also a fan, saying the bananas have a 'very creamy taste' and a 'much milder flavour' than your typical banana.

"The texture is much better, and it's sweeter too," she says in her video.

"This is a really good banana."

In fact, she was such a fan, that she's planted a Blue Java banana tree in her garden - which you can also do if you buy some seeds from online sellers like Amazon.

NovoTaste advises that Blue Java bananas like 'warm, rich soil with high moisture', and require a lot of fertilising and sunlight.

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