These drinks are harmful to the kidneys that not everyone knows

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Once kidney damage is very difficult to recover, so even though it is a favorite drink that many people use every day, you should avoid drinking too much of these 3 drinks.

The kidney is one of the important organs in the human body, the kidneys are mainly responsible for producing urine, maintaining acid-base balance and maintaining endocrine function. A person has good kidneys, the body is always full of energy, on the contrary if you regularly stay up late, smoke, drink alcohol, the kidney function will be impaired, you often feel tired, drowsy. Hence, nourishing the kidneys is equivalent to nourishing the mind.

How to protect the kidneys?

There are many natural ways to protect the kidneys, such as timely detection and treatment of diseases that cause kidney damage, such as skin infections, sore throats, tonsillitis, caution when taking medications, drink plenty of fluids and not fasting, regular physical examination, attention to a reasonable diet.

These drinks are harmful to the kidneys that not everyone knows

In addition, in the diet should pay attention if eating too full, too much protein will increase the burden on the kidneys. Although some beverages will not harm the kidneys directly, long-term use will significantly increase the burden on the kidneys.

What drinks are harmful to the kidneys?

1. Milk tea

Milk tea has a high sugar content, the absorption of too much sugar in the human body will cause various metabolic diseases. To keep costs down, some milk tea stores have added flavor and saturated fatty acids to milk tea. Statistics show that the calories of a cup of milk tea are close to the calories of four cups of coffee and eight cans of energy drinks. It can be said that milk tea is a beverage with no health benefits. The fructose in milk tea can also increase uric acid levels, which in turn increases the burden on the kidneys.

In addition, consuming a lot of sugar is equivalent to consuming a lot of calories. This can cause overweight, obesity, and accumulation of visceral fat.

These drinks are harmful to the kidneys that not everyone knows

2. Poor quality coffee

Coffee is a drink that is favored by many people today, however, there are poor quality coffee floating on the market that is not good for the health of consumers. Poor quality coffee beans contain substances such as ochratoxin, substances that damage the liver and kidneys in humans. Drinking too much ochratoxin for a long time can even cause inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and necrosis of the intestine ..

These drinks are harmful to the kidneys that not everyone knows

3. Solid tea

Why does condensed tea damage the kidneys? Drinking solid tea for a long time is very susceptible to fluorosis. The kidneys are the main secretory organs for fluorosis because this substance can cause fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness, headache, memory loss and other symptoms. If the fluoride in tea becomes more toxic if the kidneys store too much fluoride, it can cause serious damage to the kidneys and canal. In addition, some teas are relatively high in fluoride, so it is important to control intake accordingly.

Of course, these three drinks will not harm the kidneys immediately after drinking. However, it is recommended that people should not drink too much of these 3 drinks, because the kidneys have a very good storage capacity. Even if the kidneys are damaged at an early stage, there will be no obvious symptoms, which can be difficult to detect in time. Renal tissue cells are unable to regenerate, if the kidneys are severely damaged, their reserve capacity will decrease, the likelihood of kidney disease is great. So take good care of the kidneys.

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