The world's most beautiful flowers

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The flowers that look glamorous in the world are flowers that can be close in human life. However, there are still flowers when the whole year blooms only once and the flowers only live in hard-to-find places.

Flowers are everywhere, and for good reason. They represent the beauty in its purest form, the most perfect. Of course, some flower species are more common than others, and not every breed is considered a beautiful globe.

Species of Rose

The worlds most beautiful flowers
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A flower representing the sweet and poetic love, the classic Rose is the world's most beautiful flower. It's popular for a reason, elegant and overlapping flower petals, bold colors, and a diverse array of colors that really make the rose a great flower. Claude Monet (yes, perhaps you play a while to hear about him), Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Paul Cézanne are just some iconic artists who have combined commissions in their work. If you are looking for a perfect bouquet to say that I love you, then I miss you, congratulations or, wish you, you will not do better than commission.


The worlds most beautiful flowers
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Orchids are one of the products by creating chemistry, which is the amazing work of art that nature presents to humans. Orchids are beautìul, appealing players to exotic. It can be said that this flower converges all the quarterly characteristics of flowers such as beautiful colors, rich, varied floral textures, refined, long-lasting flowers and especially appealing to the player by the charming scent. Admire the beauty of orchids, human soul as being reconciled with nature.

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Cherry blossom

The worlds most beautiful flowers
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One of the most popular is the Japanese cherry trees. In Japan, cherry blossoms are called ' Sakura '. Cherry blossoms symbolize the appearance of spring, season of flowers. Stunning pink and white flowers open at the end of March or early April. Flowering time can last for 14 days.

The cherry blossoms have a great significance in Japanese culture. For them, the bloom of cherry blossoms represents a fresh start and the beauty of life. During the blooming period, the Japanese spent the evening under the cherry trees blooming with his family and friends.

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Lotus Flower

The worlds most beautiful flowers
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Lotus are found in white and pink in general and they grow in shallow and overcast waters. Lotus enjoys warm sunlight and does not withstand cold weather. This is why Lotus is not seen blooming in winter. The floating leaves and Lotus have long stalks, which contain space to maintain the float. The lotus is derived from Asia and four grew in many climates from India to China.

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise, also known as the Flower Crane is one of the most exotic flowers. The bird of Paradise is derived from South Africa. Birds of Paradise Bloom from September 9 to January 5.

The worlds most beautiful flowers
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The flowers of the bird's paradise are like a brightly colored bird in the flight and so named Bird Paradise.

Bleeding Heart

The worlds most beautiful flowers
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Lamprocapnos Spectabilis is a species of plants in the poppy family Papaveraceae, native to Siberia, northern China, Korea, and Japan. It is the only species in the monotypic genus Lamprocapnos but is still widely referenced under the old Dicentra Spectabilis. 

The bloom of the Bleeding Heart plant (Dicentra Spectabilis) appears in early spring to the garden with heart-shaped flowers attracting attention on the bow-shaped trunk. The attractive green foliage appears first when the tree wakes up from sleep and the flower of the bleeding heart can be pink and white or white solid as with the heart being bleeding ' Alba '.

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The worlds most beautiful flowers
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As a great flower lover, you must have heard of the flower garden Keukenhof. Located in the Netherlands, this extensive garden extends over a 32 hectare land. Each spring, the garden exhibits millions of blooming tulips. Just imagine you stand amongst the vast tulips. You will surely feel like paradise. Because tulips are such a beautiful flower that can attract your attention immediately.

Flower Water Lilies

The worlds most beautiful flowers
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Lily Water, (the fun family), any of the 58 species in the 6 genera of freshwater plants originated from the temperate and tropical parts of the world. Most of the water lilies have rounded leaves, many, which are waxed on long stems containing plenty of space and floating in tranquil freshwater environments. The stems arising from thick stems, meat, creeping underwater are buried in the mud. The solitary, fragrant, solitary flowers are carried on or above the water on the long stems that are attached to the underground trunk. Each cup-shaped flower has a spiraling arrangement of its countless petals.

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