The world's largest football stadium today

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Football is the most popular sport king around the world. To bring the football to the top of the arts, it is necessary to have big matches, the big seasons often years, and there is also the presence of the monumental investment Stadium.

The Break has synthesized and launched the list of the largest stadiums in the world today and its descriptions.

1. The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

The worlds largest football stadium today
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The stadium is the largest football stadium in the world. While some people have mistakenly made it to the nearby Kim Thanh Stadium, the capacity of the Rungrado May Day Stadium is much larger. This giant stadium not only hosts sports competitions in general but also the annual Mass Games of gymnastics and dance to celebrate the Korean culture.

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2. Camp Nou Stadium

The worlds largest football stadium today
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Open since 1957, this is the location for some of the most memorable chapters in sports and music. Camp Nou, meaning New New Camp, has received this popular alias right from the start.

The stadium does not only serve as the home of the local football club Barcelona. It held the inauguration ceremony for the FIFA World Cup 1982 and some of the final matches of the UEFA Champions League and the football competition in the 1992 Olympic games.

With a capacity of 99,354, it is the largest stadium in Spain and Europe, and the third-largest football stadium in the world.

3. First National Bank Stadium (FNB Soccer City)

The worlds largest football stadium today
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FNB Stadium, commonly known as the football city, was built between 1986 and 1989. The stadium can accommodate approximately 80,000 spectators. The unique design of FNB Stadium is internationally appreciated and is often referred to as F Cal Calashash or of Africa after being restructured according to the tune of the first R 3.3 billion for the first African World Cup in 2010.

Formerly known as the Football city, the stadium was the center of historical events, beginning with the first speech of former President Nelson Mandela in 1990, a few days after his imprisonment, where he was in jail for 27 years.

The venue held the largest sporting and music events that the country had seen, including the opening and closing ceremony as well as the FIFA World Cup Final™ 2010. The 2013 African Cup final was also held in the stadium.

4. Rose Bowl Stadium

The worlds largest football stadium today
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The Rose Bowl, also known as Spieker Field at the Rose Bowl, is an American outdoor sports stadium, located in Pasadena, California, a northeastern suburb of Los Angeles. Opened in Oct. 1922, the stadium is recognized as a National historic relic and the historic civil Engineering history of California.

The world-renowned Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena has held five Super Bowls, gold medals for two Summer Olympics, two FIFA World Cup finals, Super Star concerts, and a named annual Rose Bowl game. Sports Illustrated has placed the Rose Bowl Stadium at the number one spot in the university sports and is one of the top 20 places of the 20th century.

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5. Wembley Stadium

The worlds largest football stadium today
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Wembley Stadium is London's largest and most prestigious sports stadium. It is the home of the English football team, where all competitions of the domestic club such as the world-famous FA Cup are the hosts of both the UEFA Champions League Finals 2011 and 2013.

Opened in 2007, this impressive structure took more than 4 years to build at a cost of over 790 million and has over 90,000 seats. The new stadium was built on the same site in northwestern London with the original stadium in the 1948 Olympic game and the World Cup 1966 finals, the famous winner of the home-England!

Since the opening of Wembley Stadium hosted the first NFL match outside of North America, an event became an annual event and held the football finals at the London 2012 Olympics.

Upon arrival, guests are guided by a visual journey of the history of Wembley Stadium with all the magical events and moments enhanced by impressive multimedia content transmitted via brand multimedia devices. Wembley. Recent additions to the Wembley Tour experience include the ' Crossbar exhibit ' and ' Walk of Legends ' showcasing objects from the 1924 Empire exhibition as well as famous beams from the World Cup 1966 final, the OLYMPIC flag from the 1948 Olympics and offering Updates to Ed Sheeran's guitar from the UK's all-2018 out-of-the-counter solo shows at the stadium.

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