The world's famous police breed

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Dogs of business, landscape, dog police... is the name for dogs trained specifically to support people in the field of executive, military or rescue. The police dog has always been a particularly meaningful symbol of life around the world.

Specially trained by humans to become intelligent, brave and converged with the many qualities required to support the police during the investigation. However, not all dogs can become professional dogs, in fact, the world today only about 100 dogs are capable of becoming police dogs. Here are the top 5 famous special police dogs in the world today.

1. German Shepherd

The worlds famous police breed
Source: Thehappypuppysite

  German Shepherd is a breed of German Shepherd Dog, which was successfully bred in Germany in 1899 with the first purpose of the shepherd. Then, thanks to outstanding features such as good health, agility, flexibility, loyalty, ability to learn and submissive orders that German Shepherd is increasingly favored. It is the third most intelligent breed in the world, behind Border Collie and Poodle and it is also on the list of the most popular dogs in America.   

The German Shepherd is the average-sized dog breed. As they mature, they can reach the following size parameters: Weight: 32-45 kg, Height: 50-65 cm, Length: 100-117 cm. The breed has a very strong and dignified appearance. They have two high-eared ears, long square snout, black nose, brown eyes, and heavy jaws. The common fur color of the German Shepherd is black-dark yellow, red-brown. The average life expectancy of this breed is from 7 to 10 years.  

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2. Beagle

The worlds famous police breed
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  The origin of the word "beagle" is uncertain. It is thought that it may have been derived from the French font begueule, which means opening the throat, or from the English word beag, which means small. Others think it may come from the French Beugler, which means below, or the German word Begele, which means yelling at.  

With its compact and robust body characteristics, Beagle has a certain intelligence. His nose is the most important part of anatomy and his head is always lying on the ground, looking for an interesting route to follow. Beagles have about 220 million scent receptors compared to 5 million or less in humans, which makes them very good at choosing scents. This is a special advantage that creates a very good drug-sniffing dog. These special dogs can be found in airports, border areas, and as drugs found patrolling dogs.

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3. Belgian Malinois

The worlds famous police breed
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The Malinois is a Belgian Shepherd breed, possessing keen intelligence and his ability to obey his orders, he is not too large in size and reacts more quickly to make him perfect for a chase and take off unexpectedly. Because of that characteristic, they became the preferred dog for military service and law enforcement. Some of the bombing missions in Iraq and Afghanistan; And a man who was rumored to have gone along with the naval Navy assassinated Osama bin Laden. They took the name of the first town-bred for them: Maline, Belgium.

This breed of relatively large size and weight is relative, and this high-energy breed can grow from 40-80 pounds and live on average 14-16 years. The breed is recognized by the American Dog breed club and is classified as a member of the Herding group.

4. Bloodhound

The worlds famous police breed
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The bloodhound is a large-sized breed of dog, originally adopted with the aim of hunting deer, wild boar and, since the Middle Ages, to track people. Said to be descended from the hounds held in the monastery of Saint-Hubert, Belgium, it was called the War de Saint-Hubert by French speakers.

It possesses over 230 million extraordinary olfactory cells to find the most responsive and accurate scent. Besides this dog can also smell the scent and save the traces of a missing person up to 2 weeks after they disappear. With this characteristic, they are trained to become a powerful instrument in police investigations.

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5. Rottweiler

The worlds famous police breed
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Rottweiler, also known as carrots or rotti, is a breed of German origin that is used as a blanket of cattle but is often trained to become a professional dog. The Rottweiler is known as the child of a small town in beautiful Germany – the city of Rottweil in Wurttemberg. The dog was originally from the Italian family, but was successfully created by Stuttgart in 1800.  When a lot of people are known for their enormous appearance and firming, Rotti dogs become loyal friends and stick with humans.

This is a large, strong, solid, balanced breed of height and weight. Male dogs are between 61 – 69 cm tall, females 56 – 63 cm. They weigh about 38 – 59 kg. Because such enormous things should be very suitable for the owner of a strong personality, or simply to create a trust to protect the master.

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