The video captures the moving image: The driver takes the lady through the road

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Living in a chaotic world, people easily lose faith in negative things. However, somewhere we can still encounter good images, and the belief in the beautiful life is still there.

Cement mixer lorry driver Manilo Wilson spotted the pensioner stood at the side of the road in Birmingham on Monday (June 3) and didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.

Heartwarming footage shows the moment he approached the woman after bringing his vehicle to a stop in the middle of the road.

The video was filmed by HGV driver Dave Woollaston, who was touched to see the random act of kindness take place and couldn’t resist capturing it on camera. Manilo, wearing orange work gear, could be seen lifting the woman’s trolley off the pavement and escorting her across the road, ensuring she went on her way safely.

Dave recalled how the elderly woman had been hesitant at the side of the road, explaining:

She was struggling to move from the pavement. I don’t think she could step down from the curb. The driver put his hazards on and went over to help. I thought it was such a humble thing to do.

It’s something I’d like to see more of.

The video captures the moving image: The driver takes the lady through the road   Maybe you're interested in Millionaire gives life-changing gifts to Viral boy doing homework under street lamp

Once the woman was successful across the road, Manilo headed back to his lorry to carry on with his journey.

Dave continued:

People tend to think all HGV drivers are bullies, but we aren’t all the same.

When we see people who need help then we will do what we can to help. We are just like anyone else, we like to look after other people.

The video captures the moving image: The driver takes the lady through the road

Manilo had been driving a lorry for international cement firm Cemex, and after his kind gesture was caught on camera a spokesperson for the company said:

Health and safety is visible in many forms in CEMEX, but this act demonstrates that it is at its most effective when it comes from our heart.

We could all stand to be a little bit more like Manilo!

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