The terrible harm of bread to health that not everyone knows

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Poor nutrition but causing weight gain, containing too much salt ... are the greatest limitations of bread with health.

Made from dough kneaded with baking powder to make the bread big, the bread doesn't really have any nutrients in it. It is only considered a temporary and quick way to reduce hunger because bread is digested very quickly.

As advised by experts, do not abuse and consider it a familiar food for your "golden breakfast" if not accompanied with other foods such as meat and vegetables, or milk to ensure adequate nutrition. Nourishment and energy for the body.

The terrible harm of bread to health that not everyone knows

Why should not eat a lot of bread?

Causes obesity, weight gain out of control

Because in the form of drunken powder, when ingested, it will be very quickly digested and converted into glucose in the bloodstream, increasing the risk of producing insulin fat hormone. Bread even has a higher GI (Glycemic index) than most candy bars like Snickers.

When blood sugar levels rise rapidly, it can also drop too quickly causing the body to go into hunger. If you continue to fill your stomach with bread, this cycle will take place continuously leading to obesity and weight gain.

Increases blood cholesterol

According to studies, bread flour can raise a type of bad cholesterol related to cardiovascular disease is LDL cholesterol by 60% in about 12 weeks.

Many people believe that cholesterol is produced by fat, but the culprit may also be wheat and seemingly harmless bread we use every day.

If you choose bread for the main meal, be sure to include enough vegetables and meat to ensure nutrition.

The terrible harm of bread to health that not everyone knows

Increased risk of kidney disease

Breads often contain a certain amount of salt, especially in certain types of bread such as hamburgers, pizzas or sandwhich ... When you consume such bread, it means that you are loading into the muscle. excessive amount of salt.

Impedes nutrient absorption

Not only is it low in nutrients, bread also reduces the absorption of substances from other foods. The phytic acids in wheat will block all minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium from being absorbed by the body because when phytic acid acts with them, chemical reactions will not form nutrients. Meanwhile, gluten damages the lining of the intestines, making the absorption of nutrients no longer effective.

The terrible harm of bread to health that not everyone knows

Causing chronic fatigue

Recent studies show that the types of bread on the market do not bring you health. Scientists have shown that the use of white bread in unlimited quantities leads to a lack of fiber in the body, causing the brain to work poorly and put the body into fatigue.

On the other hand, the type of wheat grown and used today is very different from the types of humans 40-50 years ago. In wheat currently used contains a substance called gliadin - a new protein has the same effect as the opiates present in opium.

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