The strangest places on earth

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The world is composed of material and shocks of nature, we can fully believe that there are places with natural and mysterious characteristics.

From the virtual pools of color to the unusually shaped lakes and rivers. The locations below will surprise you for not believing that they can survive.

Badab-E-Surt, Iran

The strangest places on earth
Source: Tasnimnews

  The magnificent travertine terraces in northern Iran are an incredible natural phenomenon that has evolved over thousands of years. Travertine is a type of limestone formed from the deposition of calcium in flowing water and in this case are two hot springs of different mineral properties. Unusual red rice terraces are the high content of iron oxide in one spring.  

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Tianzi Mountain, China

Often surrounded by fog, Mt. Tianzi is the product of millions of years of sedimentary rock erosion. Its ancient sandstone peaks, dating from 300 million years (different sources), have been gradually carved by water and wind. What remains behind are the slender towers, the feng shui (some high about 4,100 feet) like the skyscrapers rather than a cityscape.  

The strangest places on earth
Source: Allthatsinteresting

  Moreover, the erosion has created distinct stratigraphy layers, which have developed different colors and shapes over the years exposed to the elements. Meanwhile, the younger and less eroded mountains also scattered the rest of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, contributing to the diversity of the unique mountain Formation found here.

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Plain History Jars, Laos

The strangest places on earth
Source: Traveller

  The history of the stone jars is concealed in mystery. The jars are said to be about 2,000 years old. They are different in size to three meters tall, weighing several tonnes. Most of them are sculpted from sandstone. Very little information about the person who created the vial. Although their purpose is not known for sure, archaeologists believe they are used as a vase in burial rituals. All vials are now empty. During archaeological studies in the year 1930, glass particles, as well as burnt bones and teeth, were found inside. Around the archaeologists find goods and bones. The vials may initially be sealed with the lids. Today only one single vase contains one. A few rock caps have been found between the vials, others can be made of wood or other perishable material that has long been lost. Stone plates between vials marking the location of a tomb.

The Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, United States

The strangest places on earth

  The Goblin Valley State Park consists of an area where soft sandstone has been eroded into interesting shapes, somewhat similar to the goblin. At some point, rocks are adjacent to each other and create an ideal maze-like playground for family adventures.  

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Wells of Thor, Oregon, United States

The strangest places on earth
Source: Youtube

  In harsh conditions at the ARD's Well, also known as Spouting Horn, waves glide into the deep hole and then shoot with enormous force. It can be viewed by following the Captain Cook Trail from the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center – but for your own safety, undo, especially during high tide or in winter storms.

The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

The strangest places on earth
Source: Irish News

  Famous around the world for multi-layered basalt columns, the Giant's Causeway is just of Northern Ireland's UNESCO World Heritage SITE. These natural polygon traits were created by a volcanic eruption about 60 million years ago. Today, they are the main focus of a designated area of prominent natural beauty. The three different phases of volcanic action were born on the lower, middle, and Basalts on. The Plunder rocks from the famous amphitheaters of columns shaped like hexagonal shapes. It is scientifically, however, according to the legend, it is engraved by the great giant Finn McCool, who left behind his old house to fight his Benandonner enemies in the water in Scotland. Many different names have brought this fascinating myth, The giant's Boot, The Wishing Chair, The Camel, The Giant's Granny, and The Organ high up on the cliffs. The weather allows you to even see Scotland in the distance.  

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