The secret to longevity of turtles is vegetarianism

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The oldest turtle that ever lived on earth was 700 years old. Turtles are the longest living animals on the planet.

Turtles are small and quiet animals. What helps them live so long? This question has attracted many scientists, who conduct lots of studies in order to discover the secret to turtles' longevity. Biologically, scientists have shown that there is no difference between young turtles and over 100 year old turtles. When a turtle reach full maturity, its body will not grow older. Turtle is almost non-agin. They are forever in the "juvenile" age.

The secret to turtles' longevity

Healthy lifestyle

Turtles are predominantly vegetarians, they often eat vegetables and plants... They stay away from fats and sometimes eat a few fishes. Turtles are also very gentle animals. They don't attack their enemies. When encountering enemies, they just hide in their caves or dive into the water, pulling their heads into their shells. Specially, turtles have the ability to endure hunger. Due to their sluggishness, their ability to hunt is mediocre. They lie dormant for a long tim, minimizing their metabolism.

The secret to longevity of turtles is vegetarianism

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Although they are kings of longevity in the animal world, not all turtles live long. They may die due to illness, accidents or other factors.Humans can try their diet by eating more vegetables and reducing fats to reduce cardiovascular diseases.

Slow metabolism

The secret to longevity of turtles is vegetarianism

Turtles live long due to their slow metabolism. Metabolism is the physical and chemical processes that take place inside a organism to keep it alive. Slow metabolism means that turtles burn very little energy, which help them increase their life expectancy. They can live long without food. They move very slowly, so they don't waste much energy.

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Defense against predators

Speaking of turtles, we cannot help but mention their hard shells. Turtle shells become hard to protect them from predators. Turtles often live in places where there are no predator, but when in danger, turtles will pull their heads, tails, and 4 legs into their shells to hide.

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