The secret from making shampoo for dogs and cats at home is both simple and cost effective

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In fact, some of our shampoos and soaps can harm a pet's skin, and some of our favorite fragrances are the smell that pets are extremely afraid of.

Especially for puppies with sensitive skin or fur, which are easily irritated with chemicals in bath soap, making a bath for pets from natural organic soap is really not a bad proposition. 

Determining the main purpose will make it easier to choose a more suitable bath oil formula. So you need to determine the purpose of making soap for pets to help pets have shiny coat, body fragrance or dog treat or any other purpose? 

Please refer to some of the following tips for bathing cat dog oil to take good care of your pet's skin and fur.

The secret from making shampoo for dogs and cats at home is both simple and cost effective
Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Pets?

Recipe make a pet oil bath

Using the correct shower gel will bring a lot of practical benefits. However, not everyone knows how to use dog bath soap properly. So before making your own pet shower gel, let's take note of the following issues

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Make pet bath oil with shiny coat

Want to make bathing oil and hair for pets, we need to prepare:
- 1 avocado mixed with 5ml olive oil.
- 2 teaspoons salt
- 5 teaspoons of rice flour.

First, bathe your pet with water, then apply the mixture
soap on skin and pet hair. Rub evenly for about 10 minutes and bathe your pet with clean water.

After a few times using this natural dog cat oil bath, your pet will have silky soft fur.

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Deodorant bath oil for pets

On hot days, you don't know how to make your pet reduce odors effectively and safely. Please refer to how to make a deodorant bath gel for cats and dogs from materials available in the home

1. Coffee grounds

Using coffee grounds as a bath gel is a pretty common idea. Moreover fragrant and pleasant coffee smell will help your pet fragrant all day. The formula is as follows:

- Coffee grounds mixed with 5ml coconut oil and 1 teaspoon salt.
- Bathe your pet with clean water and then apply the coffee grounds to the skin and hair.
- Rub whole body for 10 minutes.
- Bath with clean water.

2. Lemon and olive oil

In addition to coffee grounds, a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil is also a deodorant shower gel for cats and dogs which is very effective and cost effective.

- Take 2 lemons and put them in a pot containing 200ml of boiling water, then let it simmer for about 1 hour.

- Add 5ml of olive oil to the mixture.

- Bathe your pet with clean water and then apply the coffee grounds to the skin and hair.

- Rub whole body for 10 minutes.

- Bath with clean water.

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Bath oil for parasitic treatment

Vinegar and garlic

- Take 50ml of vinegar, 50ml of water, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 5 drops of shampoo you use often.

- Mix well, rub mixture on dog and cat fur, rub well in areas where there are suspicions, then bathe the cat dog with clean water, dry the fur.

- Lice are very afraid of the smell of vinegar and garlic so they will leave the pet's body.

Note: This method should not be used regularly with cats because garlic can be toxic to cats.

Alcohol and shampoo

Take 50 ml of white wine, 100ml of water and 3 drops of shampoo for humans.

Stir the solution, apply it and rub it all over your skin and pet hair.

- After 5 minutes, shower with clean water.

Note: Flush water from above to let lice and fleas fall along the flow of water.

With very natural ingredients, cheap prices, you can delight in making bath oil for dogs without worrying about toxic and expensive. Save the above recipes to use when necessary. Wish you will make the best bath oils to look after your fur and pet's skin.

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