The risk and ability to prevent cancers from food

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Many studies have shown the influence of nutritional factors on the risk of developing cancers. Therefore, a balanced, varied diet, focusing on fiber, fruits, vegetables and fruits may reduce the risk of various types of cancer.

The scientific diet is one of the measures that can be used to enhance the ability to prevent various types of cancer. Food both plays a role in preventing, protecting and being a risk of all types of cancer.

Protection factor: Nutrients and foods have a protective role against certain types of cancer, such as fiber found in grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Risk factors: When used in excess, it promotes the development of certain types of cancer, such as alcoholic beverages, red meat, ham and salt.

There is no magic food to help prevent cancer. Balancing the consumption of foods is a way to protect against the risk of cancer. A balanced diet helps reduce the risk of overweight.

The risk and ability to prevent cancers from food

Effective cancer prevention diet

Fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables regularly will reduce the risk of many types of cancers, including oral cavity cancer, laryngeal cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer and lung cancer .

These foods protect your body thanks to their high fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the amount of calories in fruits and vegetables is low, which also helps reduce the risk of obesity. With the diverse composition of fruits and vegetables that are important for health, it allows us to diversify our diet while still providing all and a full range of nutrients necessary for the body.

You should eat at least 5 different types of fruits and vegetables a day (for example, 3 fruits, fruits and 2 vegetables; or 4 types of vegetables and a fruit) equivalent to 400g a day. Preferably fresh fruit, or canned fruit. Fruit is often used as apples, tomatoes, apricots or fruit juice (without added sugar) ...
Warning: Rice, pasta, pasta, flour and potatoes are not vegetables !!

The risk and ability to prevent cancers from food

Foods that contain fiber

Some foods like bread, fruits and vegetables contain fiber. Whole grain foods (bread, pasta, rice ...) are very rich to choose from.

You should eat regular foods containing fiber such as whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables, beans ...

The risk and ability to prevent cancers from food

Dairy products

Foods derived from milk are good for health such as drinks derived from milk, yogurt, cheeses, etc. not including high-fat dairy products (butter, cream or sugar ).

Daily use of dairy products is a favorable factor in preventing rectal cancer. In addition to its direct beneficial effect in reducing the proliferation of cancer cells in the colon and rectum, the calcium in milk also has an indirect effect on protecting the intestinal wall.

It is recommended to use three types of dairy products every day such as milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.

The risk and ability to prevent cancers from food

Red meat and ham

Red meat includes beef, pork, veal, sheep and horses. Cold meats are meat products that are dried or salted (eg ham, lardons, etc.).

Meats are healthy foods (high in protein, iron, zinc and vitamins). However, using a lot of cold meat and red meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Therefore, you should limit the consumption of red meat to less than 500g a week. You can replace red meat with poultry, fish and eggs.

It is recommended to limit the consumption of red and cold meats. Minimize the use of red and cold cuts, both in quantity and frequency.

The risk and ability to prevent cancers from food

Salt and salty foods

The amount of salt we consume daily comes from a variety of sources: table salt is added during cooking, in meals, or naturally salted during processing. Excessive salt intake can directly alter the lining of the stomach and also promote other risk factors. Therefore high salt intake may be a risk for stomach cancer.
Recommendation: Reduce the use of processed salted foods (cold meats, cheeses, etc.). Reduce salt intake during cooking and during meals.

The risk and ability to prevent cancers from food

Beta-carotene supplements

Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A, helps the body prevent vitamin A deficiency, prevent blindness, and strengthen the immune system ...

Complementary foods are «foods that complement the normal diet». They include one or more compounds which may be vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, amino acids or fatty acids. They are usually in the form of capsules, tablets.

Many fruits and vegetables contain beta-carotene (carrots, broccoli, apricots, etc.). A varied and well-balanced diet will meet the nutritional needs in this regard.

Taking supplements can provide high amounts of beta-carotene. High intake of beta-carotene is not only useless for cancer prevention but also a risk factor for lung and stomach cancer, especially for smokers. In fact, consuming beta-carotene in high doses increases the carcinogenic effects of cigarettes and promotes the production of free radicals. Therefore, except in special cases that must use additional food under the guidance of a doctor, should not use supplements.

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