The Newest Bikini Trend Is The ‘Upside-Down Bikini’ And I Can’t Tell If It’s Hot Or Not

Uncategory Jul 05, 2018 07:32

Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t…

…but the newest “tend” on Instagram is the upside-down bikini.

As you can see, all you have to do is take your regular bikini top…

…and then tie your boobs up in it.

On one hand, it’s a cool way to repurpose some old swimsuits.

On the other hand, I can’t stop thinking about how it looks like you’re peeping at a pair of boobs through a porthole.

The idea originally came from Italian model Valentina Fradegrada…

…who was the first person to twits her tits up in knots.

She even made it official by starting her own Instagram page for it.

Apparently, the trend has caught on in Europe…

…but here in the USA, we prefer not to do dumb stunts with our swimsuits.

My thing is…

…what happens if you get hit by a rough wave in the ocean?

Or fall off a paddleboard?

Or, I dunno…

…literally move in any direction?

Thankfully, it seems like this trend isn’t something that we’ll be seeing in America.

Twitter weighed in, and found them to be “awful…”


…and plain ol’ ugly.

To me, they’re just another dumb idea that the Internet grabbed hold of and ran with.

Remember glitter boobs?

What about penis eyeliner?

Yeah, I barely do either.

Eventually we’ll forget about the upside-down bikini too…

…hopefully sooner rather than later.

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