The most expensive rings in the world

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Many people are questioning whether the world's most expensive ring is how much Cara and how much it is worth. It's incredible, for an ordinary person, a ring can cost over sixty million dollars. The enlist rings are diamond rings and the most expensive rings, each building. Descriptions of their rings and diamonds can make the Queen.

It's worth up to tens of millions of dollars with incredibly eye-catching designs and different colors. The most expensive rings in the world on this list will make you surprised.

5. Perfect Pink Diamond – $23.2 Million

The most expensive rings in the world
Source: The Telegraph

While looking for the most expensive rings in the world, each being produced, we know that the perfect pink diamond ring is ranked 5th on this list. The diamond is used in this ring; Perfect Pink Diamond is a record-breaking jewel that's sold in the auction. The diamond was 14.23 carats while it was sold at Christie's auction. The auction was held in Hong Kong. It has such a great appearance that we can say that this ring will best suit the finger of a princess. Cut into a rectangular shape, the jewel is a rare pink color. So this is working two missions as an impressive ring! In fact, only about 18 diamonds are known in the world with a volume of more than 10 Cara sold on any auction.

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4. The Winston Blue Diamond Ring – $23.8 Million

The most expensive rings in the world
Source: Pinterest

Blue Diamonds have dominated the jewelry auction titles in recent years, culminating in the Oppenheimer Blue sale, below, sold for 57.7 million at Christie Geneva on January 5, 2016.

The Indigo gem is named after Sir Philip Oppenheimer, a member of one of the world's most influential and influential diamond families, who handed the ring to his wife Pamela. Oppenheimer controlled the company that exploited De Beers and, as head of the central sales organization based in London, Sir Philip supervised the group to sell diamonds for 45 years until 1993.

The stone is said to have been derived from the famous Cullinan mines in South Africa and was placed in a ring by the famous Verdura in the year 1990. Surrounded by two white diamonds on a trapezoid cut on a platinum strip, the central Stone was described by Christie as the gemstone of the gem.

3. The Graff Pink Diamond Ring – $46.2 million

The most expensive rings in the world
Source: New York Post

The Pink Graff, a 24.78 rare carat diamond pink, once owned by the renowned fine metal-finish Harry Winston, has been described as "one of the largest diamonds ever discovered". The diamond, which was mounted in a ring, was sold by the auction houses of Sotheby in Geneva, Switzerland on 16 Nov 2010. Before the sale, the stone is expected to list the ten most expensive diamonds in the world; When sold for 46 million US dollars (29 million pounds), it became the most expensive single jewel ever to be expressed at the time.

2. Pink Star Diamond Ring – $72.00 Million

The most expensive rings in the world
Source: Wonder List

A gorgeous 59.6 carat diamond known as the Pink Pink Star was sold for $71.2 million at the Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong, making a new world record for any diamond or jewelry, according to the auction house.

The diamond-cut oval mixture broke the estimate before the sale of 60 million was set by Sotheby when it entered the block.

The sale took place three years after the gemstone was sold at an even higher price at another Sothbody auction in Geneva. That agreement then collapsed after the buyer broke the debt.

The gems are the largest vivid pink diamond that was once classified by the US Gems Institute.

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1. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring – $80 Million

The most expensive rings in the world
Source: Wikipedia

This is the Top 1, the most expensive diamond, the most expensive ring in the world!

The history of this colored stone Fancy, fancy Blue Blue has not been studied until the end. It is thought to have been found in the Golconda Kingdom in India, where the diamond was purchased by the Spanish king Philip IV for his daughter. Later, the diamond appeared in Augsburg at the house of Wittelsbach, the Royal Family of Europe and the German dynasty, originating from Bavaria.

In 2008, it was auctioned it in London and acquired by the Goldsmith Laurence Graff, who bought the jewel and began to modify it, Graff removed near 4.5-carat green diamonds in it and increased value. In 2011, Graff Wittelsbach sold Diamonds to a member of the Qatar royalty for $80 million.

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