The most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles

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Miles of picturesque coastline from Malibu to South Bay, the best beaches in Los Angeles aplenty for outdoor enthusiasts, surfers, families, sun worship and beach rabbits. From Venice and Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach and Playa Vista, these are the best beaches in LA for sunbathing, surfing and entertainment.

Also known as ' The City of Angels ', Los Angeles or LA is the most populous city in California and ranks second in the United States. The charm of the beaches here also makes many tourists all over the world play cravings. See a list of beaches below.

Venice Beach

The most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Visit California

  Surfing, the sun, and the sand play a small role compared to the lively and bustling festival of people who are marching along the Boardwalk of Venice Beach. You won't be considered foolish to see people passing in this sunny-filled dining land, where artists, musicians, poets, singers, skaters and juggling artists are being seen. From acrobatics to fire-cyclones, you'll find Los Angeles's most idyllic, eccentric and comfortable features. Just remember to give money to the performers if you watch most of their shows or take pictures of them.   While you find the street along the 1.5 miles (2.4 km) stretch of the boardwalk, check out the stalls, shops, and stalls filled with souvenirs, jewelry, cheap sunglasses, T-shirts and knitted sandals. Watch your luck or try a temporary tattoo.  

Further, along the aisle of the Muscel beach, is famous as the place where the E. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno (of the popular movie Incredible Hulk) each have their breasts and their biceps. At this outdoor gym, you'll find iron weightlifters that are toned and tanned while acrobatic performers bend, twist, and distort the body into shapes that are painful and uncomfortable. You can join them. Just buy a day ticket (around $10) at the Entertainment office and Park of Venice Beach on the Ocean Front Walk and then get your position to work out in front of the crowd passing by.  

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Carbon Beach

The most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles
Source: California Beaches

  Carbon is renowned as the beach of the billionaires located on the longest and most beautiful coastline of Malibu City, California, USA. After a few decades, not to visitors, the beach is now open.  

This came from the wealthy owners of Lisette and Norman Ackerberg did not build the common road to the beach at the request of the Government.   

Carbon Beach is not a private beach, but it has a feeling like one. You'll come across a few others when you walk behind the houses of incredibly wealthy people, but otherwise, this long Beach will be deserted as Malibu. Water is great for swimming, calm with no rocks, and soft and cozy sand, perfect for relaxing into all afternoon.

El Matador State Beach

The most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Travel Caffein

  El Matador Beach is one of the three beaches on the state beach of Robert H. Meyer. El Matador is the most popular in the three and close to Malibu. The parking for each beach signs along the Pacific Coast Highway in the west of Malibu. El Matador has an innocent car park with picnic tables overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A trail comes down through the formation of unique erosion on the innocent side than the stairs take you to the rest of the beach.  

The magnificent sea stacks lie on the beach and on the waves. This is a popular venue for professional photographers to capture beautiful swimsuit and sunset models. 

Point Dume

The most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles
Source: Hike Speak

  Point Dume has over a mile of oceanfront with 34 acres of sand. It is surrounded by the cape, cliffs, rocky bays, and extensive beach access.  

Amenities include a toilet, shower, restaurant, 373 parking and hiking trails. Popular activities include swimming, diving, surfing, fishing, and diving. Hiking trails lead to an ancient coastal innocent sand dune.  

On a beautiful day, you can enjoy an incredible setting spanning the whole of Santa Monica Bay and the outlying island of Catalina.  

A staircase from the east of the innocent crest gives access to a more isolated beach with good tidal opportunities. Point Dume, like Zuma, is also a great place to see the gray whale in their 12th-month immigration to 3 months.  

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Surfrider Beach

The most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles
Source: California Beaches

  Surfrider Beach is one of the most famous surfing spots in the world. It is located between Adamson House and Malibu Dock along the Pacific Coast Highway. Famous for its smooth breakage and is recognized by surfers around the world as the gold standard for Point-of-summer surfing.  

Included in the Malibu State Beach are wetlands, nature trails, and historic Adamson houses. The beach house was built in 1929 by Rhoda and Merritt Adamson.  

Over 100 years old, Malibu Pier is a great place for fishing or just to enjoy the seaside and ocean views.

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