The highest peaks on the continents

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If compared to sea level, Everest (also known as Chomolungma) on the majestic Himalayas between the border of Nepal and Tibet (China) is the highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8,848m.

The highest peaks on the continents

Everest Peak - Roof of the world, 8.848m high:

The highest peaks on the continents

In 1953, two climbers Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) and Tenzing Lorgay (Nepal) were the first people to conquer this peak. As of 2016, more than 4,000 climbers successfully conquered Mount Everest but more than 250 of them permanently send themselves to the cold snow. Therefore, Everest is now known as the "open-air" from the world.

Aconcagua Peak is 6,959m high - America's roof:

The highest peaks on the continents

The highest peak in the Americas is Mount Aconcagua, a volcano but no longer functioning, located on the world's longest mountain range Andes in Mendoza province in Argentina with an elevation of 6,959m above sea level. Mount Aconcagua was first conquered in 1897 by Matthias Zurbriggen of Switzerland.

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Kilimajaro Peak is 5,895m high - Roof of the Black Continent:

The highest peaks on the continents

Mount Kilimajaro is 5,895m above sea level which is the highest peak in Africa. Unlike other high peaks in the world, Mount Kilimajaro is not located in a mountain system (mountain range) but an independent mountain within Tanzania. The first time people set foot on Mount Kilimajaro was in 1889, by two geographers from the University of Leipzig (Germany), Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller with the guidance of Yohanas Kinyala Lauwo, a native at that time. 18 years old.

Elbrus Peak is 5,642m high - The roof of the Old Continent:

The highest peaks on the continents

Elbrus Peak is an inactive volcano located on a Caucasus mountain range that intersects the Eurasian continent dividing the continent into two continents: Asia and Europe. This peak is located in the territory of the Russian Federation, part of Europe, becoming the highest mountain of this continent. A native of Kilav Khachirov is believed to have been the first person to conquer the summit in 1829.

Vinson Massif Peak - 4,892m high - Roof of Antarctica:

The highest peaks on the continents

This is the highest mountain in Antarctica with an elevation of 4,892m above sea level, it has a length of 21 km and a width of 13 km. Vinson Massif Peak is 1200km from the Earth's South Pole and is named after the US Congressman Carl Vinson (1883-1981), who has been actively supporting the research of Antarctica. American professional climber Nicholas Clinch, along with his team, were the first to reach this snowy peak in 1966.

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Kosciuszko Peak is 2,228m high - Roof of Australia:

The highest peaks on the continents

Although it is only 2,228m above sea level, Kosciouzko peak, located in Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales, is completely unrivaled in Australia. Australia's highest peak was first conquered in 1840 by Paweł Edmund Strzelecki, a Polish explorer.

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