The health benefits of tofu that not everyone knows

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Tofu is a popular dish of people in some East Asian countries such as China, countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Tofu is sourced from China. This dish has many ways to call: mold beans in the Central and tofu or tofu in the South.

Tofu is a dish that can help prevent atherosclerosis, is also often made vegetarian dishes for Buddhists. The ingredients for making tofu are soy beans, which are ground up and soaked in water. Starch flows into the water into a homemade shape, the residue is filtered out.

The usual shapes are square, round or long rectangle. The silky soft texture is cool, biting into a piece, it dissolves right in the mouth, along with quite excellent nutritional content and simple processing. Tofu will become absolutely delicious food, those who own clumsy hands can also make delicious dishes from tofu most easily.

The health benefits of tofu that not everyone knows

Nutritional value and health benefits of tofu

Although there are many good effects for the body, but must also pay attention to because the ingredient is soy, containing saponins, which excrete iodine in the body, if eaten a lot for a long time, iodine deficiency is very easy. The protein content of tofu is quite high, eating more will make it difficult for the body to absorb iron and easily lead to bad digestion, should only eat 100g is appropriate for the body.

The health benefits of tofu that not everyone knows

Tofu is a food rich in nutritional ingredients such as iron, calcium, magnesium ... In addition to making food, tofu also helps in the prevention and treatment of some very effective diseases when combined with some spices and food. Tofu is a nutritious food - Tasty dishes from tofu, tofu cooked vegetarian dishes, delicious salty dishes. According to the evidence of modern medicine, tofu is also very beneficial for development teeth and bones, increasing iron content during hematopoiesis.

Possessing abundant plant estrogen content, tofu works to prevent osteoporosis, in addition, tofu does not contain cholesterol so it is a food that is beneficial for people with blood pressure and cardiovascular.

Prevent heart disease:

The health benefits of tofu that not everyone knows

The Health Site has stated that processed from soy, tofu contains isoflavones that reduce the level of bad cholesterol or low density lipoprotein in the body, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.


Tofu is effective in preventing a number of cancers such as: urinary tract cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer, etc.Tofu is also thought to be a good source of selenium, a mineral. Essential for the body to help the antioxidant system work properly, which in turn can prevent intestinal cancer. Men can also prevent prostate cancer by eating tofu, but in moderate amounts.


The health benefits of tofu that not everyone knows

Soy products reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes. In addition, according to many studies, eating at least 10 mg of soy per day can reduce breast cancer recurrence by 25%.

Reduce premenopausal symptoms:

Women who are in the premenopausal period when the estrogen level in the body is unbalanced should eat tofu because it is rich in calcium, which will help people pretty much. It also helps reduce hot flashes in the body, preventing the risk of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Slow down the aging process:

The health benefits of tofu that not everyone knows

When you eat tofu regularly you will be able to reduce the aging process significantly. Tofu helps to keep the elasticity of the skin, tighten the face muscles, thus preventing aging. In addition to eating tofu, you can also make a mask from tofu to the face, it nourishes the skin effectively.

Prevent hair loss:

Human hair is mainly made from a protein called keratin. If you eat tofu, your hair is provided with the necessary protein and is always healthy. Tofu in combination with chicken egg yolk helps increase the absorption of calcium. Egg yolks are rich in vitamin D when combined with the calcium content of tofu, which will absorb calcium more easily. However, if you eat too much tofu will lead to impaired renal function, strong impact on digestion, easily leading to atherosclerosis.

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