The great leaders of history

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Ranking world leaders are renowned for the most important and influential (people who change the face of the world, politics and forever changing their country) are not necessarily good leaders. Some famous conquerors have changed the world, but let the destruction appear. Others actually work for the sake of their people and become great leaders in history.

Leadership has been defined as a process by which a person has an influence and motivates others to participate in completing a particular task. All the great leaders have something unique about them and they are bound by the greatness that helped them lead the mass to innovation and new action.

George Washington

The great leaders of history
Source: Metmuseum

  George Washington, known as the father of the United States, was the leader of the United States Revolution and the first President of the United States. He was a true vision person with a vision that has existed for over 200 years. What makes Washington great is its vision, vision, strategic planning, and the ability to lead people to success.

Abraham Lincoln

The great leaders of history
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  Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, serving from March 3, 1861, until his life was made in Apr. 1865. Lincoln has led the United States and its largest political, constitutional, and political crisis. In doing so, he preserved the union, strengthening the federal government and the modern economy.  

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Nelson Mandela

The great leaders of history
Source: Britannica

  Headed among African leaders, Nelson Mandela was one of the few politicians to achieve nearly worldwide respect and throughout the spectrum. His role in the racist war, imprisoned on Robben Island-where he symbolizes the struggle of oppressed people around the world and the ability to drive South Africa through his rebirth brought Give him an international reputation for human negotiators and the peace.  

Imprisoned for 27 years because of racist opposition, Mandela was imprisoned in 1990 not expressing bitterness towards the attackers. Instead, he struggled to reconnect among South African polarization races, which gave the National Building principles and cooperative governing. Mandela is one of the few leaders to have the ability to inspire confidence both at home and abroad. Several others would have managed to unite the various fighting parties and to drive South Africa from what seemed to be the brink of the civil war.


The great leaders of history
Source: The Patriot

  One of the greatest leaders of all time, Muhammad has led to the spread of Islam in and around Arabia. His contribution to Islam is that so it has become the second-largest and fastest-growing religion in the world now Now. He solidarity a chaotic society in the name of ethics and humanity and brought his people away from serious persecution and persecution. He led his people to some of the migrations and successful victories in the wars against the armies much larger than them. His greatest leadership is courage, led by example, approach to motivation, perseverance and decision making.  

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Winston Churchill

The great leaders of history
Source: Britannica

  Mr. Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British politician, military officer, and writer. He was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945, when he led Britain to victory during the Second World War, and again from 1951 to 1955.   Winston Churchill has shown key leadership skills during his reign as the British Prime minister in the years 1940 and 1950. Through the research on leadership theories, it is possible to affirm that Winston Churchill described several characteristics, characteristics and behavior of a charismatic and transformed leader.  

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