The great benefits of garlic for health that not everyone knows

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Garlic is a very familiar spice at every meal. However, not everyone knows the effects of garlic on health. The following article will help you better understand this spice.

Garlic is both a natural medicine and an indispensable spice in every family's meal today. Garlic has many notable uses such as fighting oxidation, preventing cancer and dangerous diseases, improving memory, enhancing male physiology and helping women beautify.

Nutrition ingredients in 100g of raw garlic

- Energy: 623 Kcal

- Carbohydrates: 33g

- Lipid: 0.5g

- Protein: 6.39g

- Calcium: 181mg

- Iron: 1.7mg

- Magnesium: 25mg

- Phosphorus: 153mg

- Potassium: 401mg

- Vitamin C: 31.2mg

- And there are some other nutrients for the body.

The great benefits of garlic for health that not everyone knows

Why do doctors recommend that people eat garlic regularly?

Healthy cardiovascular system

One of the most prominent effects of garlic is to help the cardiovascular system be healthy and prevent potentially harmful diseases. Garlic can help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body, against oxidation that causes atherosclerosis.

Using garlic regularly helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

Garlic works to regulate the body's blood pressure

In garlic, there is an active ingredient called Allycinsteine ​​that is able to stabilize blood pressure in the body to normal levels. So people with high blood pressure regularly eat garlic to help improve the condition better.

The great benefits of garlic for health that not everyone knows

Help strengthen bones

In 100g of raw garlic contains 181mg of calcium. This abundant amount of calcium will contribute to strengthening the bones, combining minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium to help you prevent dangerous bone and joint diseases.

Support to prevent cancer

The effects of garlic in preventing cancer have been carefully studied by scientists. Specifically, garlic contains selenium and germanium that fight free radicals and cancer cells that grow in the body. When absorbed into the stomach, garlic inhibits the nitrification of gastric juice to prevent the conversion into nitrosamines causing stomach cancer.

Against oxidation

Leading compounds in garlic such as Allicin, Ajoene and Diallyl trisulfide will help the body fight most of the free radicals in the body, preventing the oxidation of cells that cause disease.

The great benefits of garlic for health that not everyone knows

Support diabetes treatment

Using garlic regularly will help the body prevent metabolic disorders, which is one of the factors that cause people with diabetes today. Thanks to this, blood sugar and triglycerides are kept at a stable level.

Treating a cold

Garlic is hot, and contains sulfur-based ingredients that help cool down when cold, very good fever. In addition, the antioxidant and antibacterial compounds in garlic will prevent the bacteria from entering the body, making the disease better and recover faster.

Garlic helps enhance memory

The content of Allicin in garlic can help patients prevent the risk of central nervous system degeneration and Alzheimer's disease, an extremely common and common disease in the elderly.

The risk of Alzheimer's disease will be prevented.

The great benefits of garlic for health that not everyone knows

Detoxifying heavy metals in the body

Garlic has been shown to be helpful in detoxifying heavy metals in the body. That's because the sulfur base in garlic helps prevent the spread of heavy metal bases in the body, making them unable to harm the human organs and respiratory system.

Prevent urinary tract infections

Scientific studies have shown the effects of garlic in preventing the growth of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, particularly P. aeruginosa. The anti-inflammatory active ingredients in garlic will completely eliminate this bacterium and protect the urinary system for patients.

Improve eye sight

Garlic contains vitamin A which is very nutritious for the eyes and helps prevent macular degeneration effectively. In addition, eating garlic regularly will help your eyes secrete mucus to protect the eyes against bacteria that threaten your cornea.

The great benefits of garlic for health that not everyone knows

Garlic helps fight oral diseases

The potent anti-inflammatory and oxygen active ingredients, such as Allicin in raw garlic, have been shown to kill bacteria that accumulate on teeth and gums. Thereby preventing the maximum risk of gingivitis, stomatitis, bleeding teeth and tooth decay.

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