The great benefits of black tea you never knew

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More than just an alternative to coffee, black tea has lots of surprising health benefits for both inside and outside the body.

Black tea is a tea that has been brewed to 100% oxidize to make the leaves black, this process is also known as total fermentation. Black tea is also known as red tea due to the reddish water, depending on the degree of oxidation during fermentation, the water color will have different shades.

Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis family and is fully oxidized (more than both Oolong and green tea). Therefore, black tea has a very good health benefits that you will discover through the following article.

The great benefits of black tea you never knew

Benefits of black tea for health

Treatment of wounds

The tannin found in black tea acts as an astringent to prevent bleeding from open wounds. Gently press a wet tea bag on the affected area to stop bleeding and reduce swelling. However, if you notice any signs of infection, go to the hospital for a check.

Reduce conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis causes eye redness and swelling. If you suffer from this condition, place a warm and wet black tea bag on your eyes for 5 minutes, followed by a cooled tea bag for 2 minutes. The tannins in tea bags will reduce swelling. Repeat several times a day to eliminate this problem.

The great benefits of black tea you never knew

Deodorize foot odor

Black tea is one of the most effective home remedies for foot odor. The tannic acid in black tea has the ability to kill bacteria and tighten pores, it can help your feet to sweat less. Take advantage of this by soaking your feet in a cup of black tea daily.

Reduce swelling

Black tea contains tannic acid which reduces shrinking of swollen tissues and helps prevent serious bleeding. If you have gums swelling, press the black tea bag directly into it to cure it. You can also use tea as a mouthwash to improve the health of your gums.

The great benefits of black tea you never knew

Strengthen the immune system

Scientists at Tufts University compared the ORAC of tea with 22 vegetables. (ORAC refers to the capacity of Oxygen Radical Absorbance, which measures the total amount of antioxidants of food and other chemicals: The higher the ORAC score, the higher its antioxidant capacity.) Black tea surpasses the top fruits and vegetables. Drink black tea daily to get maximum benefits for your health.

Soothe irritated eyes

Suffering from dryness and itchy eyes? Soak two bags of black tea with warm water for ten minutes. Remove excess fluid and place tea bag filter into your eyes to ease irritation and reduce inflammation. These home remedies for allergy eyes are very helpful and easy to follow.

The great benefits of black tea you never knew

Prevent colds

Like many other cold remedies, the flavonoids and caffeine in black tea have been shown to prevent the growth of the herpes virus that causes colds or respiratory infections.


Tea is high in flavonoids, which are plant chemicals that fight inflammation and allergies. Sipping a few cups a day will help you reduce allergy symptoms.

The great benefits of black tea you never knew

Treating itching rash

You accidentally come across roadside wild plants or have an itchy insect bite. You can take tea bag filter into a bath full of warm water. The tannic acid in tea helps to release, which reduces inflammation and itching.

Cancer prevention

The antioxidants, called polyphenols, found in black tea help in preventing the formation of potential carcinogens in the body, leading to certain cancers like chambers. eggs, lung, asthenia, colorectal and bladder cancer. Studies have shown that black tea is effective in preventing stomach, prostate and breast cancer.

Black tea contains a compound called TF-2 that is responsible for causing apoptosis (programmed death of cancer cells), while normal cells are not affected. In addition, black tea can also significantly reduce the risk of oral cancer in smokers or using other tobacco products. Black tea also prevents cancer by inhibiting the formation and growth of malignancies.

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