The Goalie From ‘Mighty Ducks’ Got Arrested And My God Does He Look Like Shit At 39

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Most people do not look great punching in at the big 4-0. Hell, most people look like shit by 35 either because they popped out a few kids and got fat or because they spent their 20s binge drinking like Jameson is getting discontinued (me.) But when I say people look “not great,” I don’t mean they look like they’ve been eating sand paper and living in a sewer for the past decade – sort of like Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks.

'The Mighty Ducks' Goalie Shaun Weiss Arrested for Public Intoxication

— TMZ (@TMZ) August 6, 2018

Dude’s not looking so hot. Maybe if he were 55 and spending five out of every seven days wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt somewhere in the bayou he’d be crushing life, but in California? California is for beautiful people and the homeless; it’s a 50/50 split. Shaun Weiss (his real name, not that anyone cares because anyone who has ever or will ever love this poor, shell of a man is just going to refer to him as “Goldberg”), as you can plainly see, falls into the homeless-looking side.

Oh, you’re wondering what he got arrested for? Public intoxication. It doesn’t sound like it was that big of a deal – cops reportedly left him in the drunk tank to sober up for a few hours, then cut him loose. He wasn’t cited, though back in 2017 he was arrested for possession of meth only five days after he’d JUST been sentenced to 150 days in jail for stealing $151 worth of shit from an electronics store.

The Goalie From ‘Mighty Ducks’ Got Arrested And My God Does He Look Like Shit At 39

So clearly, Shaun Weiss is just another child star success story that ends in glitter and fame instead of meth and mugshots. Ducks fly together, amirite?


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