The fastest and most effective teeth whitening tips

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Beauty is something that every one of us cares about. Everyone wants to have beautiful white teeth, do not want their teeth stained. However, not everyone knows how to care properly

However, professional whitening services and treatments can be expensive, so what do you do if you want fast, at-home whitening?

The following are some simple, easy tips, including options for people with sensitive teeth who may not be able to use something like whitening strips.

Use An Electric Toothbrush

The fastest and most effective teeth whitening tips
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You can buy electric toothbrushes online at electronics retailers like Emerson, which offer oscillating options great for whitening teeth. Along with being accessible and fairly affordable, electric toothbrushes are great for overall mouth health, including whitening.

With that being said, choosing the right electric toothbrush can be somewhat complex. There are a lot of features and bells and whistles available, some of which you may want and others you can live without.

Regardless of the specific features you decide are must-haves for you, know that electric toothbrushes have been shown to have serious benefits over manual brushes including the ability to remove significantly more plaque and gingivitis, both of which can be a problem for the whiteness of your teeth and the overall look of your mouth.

Avoid Certain Stain Causers

The fastest and most effective teeth whitening tips
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There are a lot of different types of food and drink that can stain your teeth. The most obvious are coffee and red wine, but there are plenty of others. Berries, soda, green tea, black tea, curry, turmeric, and balsamic vinegar are all examples of food and drink that can stain your teeth. Cut out any potential stain causes and you’re likely to get a whiter smile fairly quickly.

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Use a Teeth Whitening Pen

The fastest and most effective teeth whitening tips
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There are a lot of products on the market promising to whiten teeth, but some get better consumer reviews than others. For an option with great reviews, there’s the Pearly Girl Vegan Teeth Whitening Pen, available at retailers like Sephora. This pen is compact and portable and works quickly, but doesn’t damage tooth enamel.

It’s an instant brightener, and it works well even for sensitive teeth since it’s not damaging. The pen has a soft-bristle brush, and the whitening gel sticks to teeth to create great effects. There’s also a calcium complex that works to break up stains on the teeth. You can easily use this pen on the go, such as after you have your coffee or go out for a glass of wine with friends.

Whitening Toothpaste

The fastest and most effective teeth whitening tips
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As well as the above tips, if you want your teeth to look, great make sure you’re always using a whitening toothpaste. There are a lot of options you can choose, but according to a lot of consumers and even cosmetic dentists, one of the best is called Opalescent Whitening Toothpaste. It comes in the original formula, and also one for sensitive teeth.

Opalescence is a brand of teeth whitening systems and products, and the toothpaste can help not only whiten teeth but strengthen enamel, and promote overall oral health. The Sensitivity Formula has the same benefits of the original formula but also includes Potassium Nitrate, which is how it alleviates symptoms of sensitivity.

If you don’t want to spend the money on whitening toothpaste, using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide works well. Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial features and it can keep your mouth clean and germ-free. You can rinse with hydrogen peroxide any time, and then you can brush with baking soda to remove plaque.

Dr. Axe names another natural option that’s an alternative to baking soda, which is kaolin clay. You can mix clay with water and use it once a week although you shouldn’t use it anymore because it can damage your teeth’s enamel.

Finally, based on an article from Healthline, oil pulling can be great for your teeth and the health of your mouth. With oil pulling, you can take any oil, but one of the most common options people select is coconut oil because it tastes fairly pleasant, can kill bacteria, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil can reduce bacteria in the mouth as well as gingivitis and plaque.

When you pull oil, you basically take around a tablespoon and swish it in your mouth. You pull the oil through your teeth and continue this for around 15 to 20 minutes. You can do this every day because it doesn’t erode the enamel of your teeth.

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