The dangerous habit many people get after exercising

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These habits after exercise are not right and easy to cause harm to health.

Recognizing that training for good health is extremely important, many people are not afraid to learn about their body type, making a detailed menu for each meal and sticking to the exercise curriculum. But there are also many bad habits that make our training efforts wasteful, and it directly affects the outcome of the training session.

The dangerous habit many people get after exercising

Habits after exercise are harmful to health

There are many habits that seem harmless but not good for health if you do them right after exercising. Here are some things you should avoid after exercise.

Do not squat to rest

This is a very common habit of people after exercise. When we're tired we often sit down to rest. Actually, this is a mistake. After exercise, if you immediately sit down to rest, it will hinder the flow of blood in the legs, affect the circulation of the blood, so the body becomes more tired and shocked.

Do not eat a lot of fat

You will ruin the results you have worked so hard to get by exercising by eating chips. You need to eat a lot of protein and starch foods as they can be digested and quickly enter the bloodstream. In contrast, fat tends to slow down the digestive system.

The dangerous habit many people get after exercising

Do not drink water

Not drinking water is the worst thing you should avoid after exercise. After exercise, the body loses a lot of energy and water, you must replenish the amount of water that your body has lost.

Do not change clothes

Sweat-wet clothes are an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. If you do not change clothes after exercising, a large amount of bacteria on clothes will attack the body and cause skin diseases.

The dangerous habit many people get after exercising

No relaxation after training

You need to relax and relax your body after an exercise session. You can do this by stretching or doing some yoga to get your heart rate back to normal. It will help you easier next time.

Touch your face

Touching your face with sweaty hands will result in the transmission of germs into your face. In particular, for those who practice with a public exercise machine in a park or gym, the bacteria sticking to their hands more and more because there are not many people touching those devices.

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