The Big Bang theory is finally over for good

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Guys, this is it. Put it in your calendars: today, May 23, 9pm, marks the end of an era. The Big Bang Theory is no more.

No, not the conventional explanation for how the universe began – that’s still going well and strong, I think. Rather the hit US sitcom that ran for 12 seasons aired its final ever episode tonight.

That’s right, The Big Bang Theory – which made nerd culture cool and resonated with millions –  has come to an end after a massive 12 years

For those of you having a déjà vu moment and thinking, ‘wait a minute, I’m sure I’ve heard this before,’ you’re right. Last week, on May 16, American fans were able to watch the finale in all its glory.

Those of us stuck in the UK were left to wait an entire seven days to see what happened to Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny and co. though, in a two-part finale which has literally just finished. Like, this second.

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The two episodes, titled The Change Constant and The Stockholm Syndrome, saw the group of friends rally together to support Sheldon and Amy, who had (spoiler alert) just found out they’d won the Nobel Prize.

The Big Bang theory is finally over for good

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Two other major things happened in the two-part finale: Penny announced she was pregnant (yey) aaaanddd…. the elevator was fixed! Who saw that one coming?!

Oh, and how could I forget Buffy The Vampire Slayer herself making a cameo, with Sarah Michelle Gellar attending Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel Prize award ceremony as Raj’s date.

Obviously, the show had to end with the gang eating a Chinese takeaway while all crowded into the living room, just enjoying each other’s company. No drama, no stress, just a group of friends chilling and being totally themselves around each other.

Just as the show’s been throughout its 12 seasons and 279 episodes (yikes).

The Big Bang theory is finally over for good

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Speaking to Glamour before the finale aired, executive producer Steve Malaro hinted as to what we can expect, saying some ‘big moments’ will be checked off.

Malaro explained:

Some big moments will be checked off, and others will remain elusive. There’s also a chance some things you didn’t even know you wanted answers to will finally be uncovered.

It’s often our goal to keep people surprised, so that was part of [our finale strategy].

Don’t cry into your chow mein too much though; there’s no doubt several re-runs of the series will be played on repeat in the years to come.

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