The best train journeys to discover the heart of Australia

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When it comes to traveling by train, do not forget that in Australia, tourists can experience many amazing train journeys.

Australia is famous for the spatial landscape that makes people feel small in the endless natural landscape. Therefore, many people think that, when traveling to Australia, traveling by plane will be an appropriate and convenient choice. But few know that Australia has spectacular train journeys that you don't want to miss when you come here to explore the local culture.

Top train trips to discover Australia

West Coast Wilderness, Tasmania

Windy and wild West Tasmania can give tourists unforgettable feelings. It used to be a thriving mining area, in just over 2.5 years with about 500 people who built a revolutionary railway snow to overcome steep valley valleys and rainforest. to connect copper mines with the port in Strahan.

Although the West Coast Wilderness train line today only departs in the Southern Hemisphere area, these trains still attract Australian tourists with breathtaking views. The highlight of this journey is that you will be able to take a train through the King canyon area. You will see the fast flowing water right next to when the train passes through this alley area.

The best train journeys to discover the heart of Australia

Q Train, Victoria

South west of Melbourne is the beautiful Bellarine peninsula, dotted with relaxed coastal towns and long sandy beaches. This area is famous for its excellent agricultural products, with many agricultural processing plants including the winery - an Australian tourist destination worth exploring when coming here.

The best train journeys to discover the heart of Australia

Coming to this area, guests cannot help but enjoy a fascinating meal with local produce served on the Q Train. The ship was hired by two boatmen from the main service boats for the old Queensland train and turned it into a mobile restaurant linking Bellarine Heritage Station with the coastal towns of Drysdale and Queenscliff.

Kuranda Scenic Train, Queensland

Entering the mainland from the charming coastal region of Cairns, the Kuranda Scenic train is one of Australia's most impressive trains. Built in the late 19th century to open a route between Atherton Tablelands and the coast, after a 1-hour and 45-minute journey through terrain higher than the Great Dividing Range, visitors can see the frame Stunning views of the Barron Gorge National Park.

The best train journeys to discover the heart of Australia

Imagine yourself relaxing in a refurbished antique carriage as you walk through lush rainforests and jagged rock faces to the glamorous town of Kuranda, how amazing that is. You will cross steep ravines and rumbling waterfalls, cross 37 mountain-hugging bridges and through 15 hand-carved tunnels, while learning about this incredible engineering feat and the bravery of North Queensland pioneers built it.

The best train journeys to discover the heart of Australia

Mary Valley Rattler, Queensland

Most tourists could not resist the beautiful sparkling beaches and bustling coastal towns on Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. But beyond the sun, sand and the sea, you'll find many of the state's most scenic spots and fascinating history.
 Just a short drive from Noosa is the lush Mary Valley, which was once the center of the thriving mining industry. When gold was discovered at Gympie in 1867, thousands of people flooded the area in search of their fortunes. A train was needed to export gold and bring food to all these new settlers, so in 1881, a railway line was built from Gympie through Mary Valley.

The best train journeys to discover the heart of Australia

Today, a meticulously restored fleet of steam locomotives and diesel engines, called the Mary Valley Rattler, will travel 20km along this historic route between train stations at Gympie and Amamoor twice a day. , three days a week. This is a great way for travelers to explore this beautiful, fertile land no one wants to miss.

Scenic World, New South Wales

Going west from Sydney to the Blue Mountains ranked World Heritage Site, a stunning natural landscape famous for its grand panorama, eucalyptus forests, roaring waterfalls and sandstone cliffs is a sure thing. surely visitors must admire. While there are many options for travelers exploring the area on foot, take the train and take a different view of the beautiful landscape with Scenic World.

The best train journeys to discover the heart of Australia

Here, thrill seekers can enjoy content with the Scenic World train - the world's steepest passenger railway, with a large tilt of 52 degrees. The seats are designed to automatically adjust the back of the chair to help really brave travelers can recline for the trip. Cliffhanger tilts 64 degrees firmly as you fly 310m down the ridge into the ancient rainforest. It may be just a short trip, but it is certainly very impressive to every visitor.

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