The best souvenirs to buy when traveling Singapore

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Merlion mascots, gilded jewelry, stuffed animals, dried pork... are souvenirs often purchased for friends and relatives when people travel to Singapore.

As one of Southeast Asia’s most fascinating destinations, Singapore is a diverse island country that has something of interest for every traveler.

The best souvenirs to buy when traveling Singapore

Merlion mascot

The best souvenirs to buy when traveling Singapore

The Merlion sea lion is a famous national mascot of Singapore with a lion head and fish body. The lion head represents the original name of the country as Singapura (meaning ‘lion city’). And Singapore was formed from a fishing village, hence the fish part. Therefore, when traveling to this island nation, visitors will come across the image of Merlion appearing everywhere.

Some Merlion souvenirs that tourists often buy are keychains, lighters, coasters, photo frames ... You can also buy Merlion T-shirts, candy, chocolate and countless other products that have this symbol as a gift for relatives and friends.

Gold-plated jewelry with RISIS orchid symbol

The best souvenirs to buy when traveling Singapore

Orchids are the national flower of the lion island. The vivid colors, along with enduring respect through hard work, still flourish the flower buds of the vitality of orchids, reflecting the spirit of Singapore, rising indomitable.

Since 1976, RISIS - a famous fashion and luxury accessories brand in Lion Island, has implemented 24K gold-plating technology on the orchids themselves, in order to bring the immortal beauty of this flower. .

After an exciting tour, you can bring back a piece of jewelry, such as a delicate pendant made of gold-plated orchids as a souvenir for yourself or to give to someone you love.

Singapore Dried Pork (Bak Kwa) at Fragrance Foodstuff

The best souvenirs to buy when traveling Singapore

Bak Kwa is a thin slice of dried meat, similar to the familiar dried beef dish in Vietnam. This is a typical dish in ancient Chinese cuisine, widely used in the Fujian community. This dish can be made from pork or beef, chicken... but the most popular is pork.

Bak Kwa is famous in Singapore and as a popular gift often given to each other during the Chinese New Year.

One of the oldest shops selling Bak Kwa in Singapore is Fragrance Foodstuff. The founder opened her first Bak Kwa shop in Singapore in 1969. Here, you can find various unique flavors of dried meat, from honey Bak Kwa, to chicken Bak Kwa, even the alligator Bak Kwa.

Stuffed orangutans at Singapore zoo

The best souvenirs to buy when traveling Singapore

Ah Meng was the famous orangutan, the star of the "Breakfast at the Singapore Zoo". Before his death at the zoo in 2008, Ah Meng was an international icon, having appeared in more than 30 travel films and over 270 articles around the world. Zoo employees are constantly talking about the charm of this orangutan, including stories like Ah Meng even drinking tea in a cup of tea.

In her life, the orangutan has even met celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Prince Philip. In 1992, Ah Meng became the first and only "non-human" to be awarded the Tourism Ambassador Award.

You can find stuffed orangutans at Singapore Zoo or the souvenir shop branch at Door E, Terminal T2 of Changi Airport.

Pandan cake in Bengawan Solo

The best souvenirs to buy when traveling Singapore

Pandan chiffon cake is very famous in Bengawan Solo store system. The cake has a nice light green color, faintly flavored with pandan leaves, soft, light, porous and not too sweet.

Although this unique cake was first made in California in 1927, it has been modified in Indonesia and Malaysia - where there are characteristic pandan leaves, creating the color and flavor as the current version in Singapore. Before Tjendri Anastasia (the founder of Bengawan Solo) took advantage of pandan leaf from her kitchen and expanded it into a chain of 40 famous shops in Singapore today, the pandan cake had been listed as a must-eat when you arrive in lion island.

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