The best places to travel in Osaka: Top 5 tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan

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Osaka (大阪, Ōsaka) is Japan's second largest urban area after Tokyo, known as one of the largest economic powers in the Kansai region for centuries.

Formerly known as Osaka Naniwa, this was once the capital city of Japan. There are many places to visit in Osaka as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Japan.

Top places to visit in Osaka, Japan

1. Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is the first theme park under the Universal Studios brand built in Asia. Opened in March 2001 in the Osaka Bay Area, the amusement park covers an area of ​​39 hectares and is the second largest amusement park in Japan after Tokyo Disneyland.

The best places to travel in Osaka: Top 5 tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan

Universal Studios Japan currently has 8 areas: Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Jurassic Park, Waterworld, Amity Village, Universal Wonderland and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Tourists can enjoy many exciting entertainment games, participate in the experience of the action games that appear in the movie, the models for players to participate are modeled on famous films such as Spiderman, Back to the Future, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park ... In addition, coming to this park you also have many opportunities to take photos with celebrities such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty ... Occasionally, You'll also see a parade with bright flares passing by every night.

Just outside the park gate is the Universal Citywalk Osaka shopping center with many hotels and many souvenir shops. In addition, there is the Takoyaki Osaka Museum, a museum that displays local dishes, history and processing. This museum is located on the fourth floor of the mall.

2. Osaka Castle (Osakajo)

Osaka Castle was built in 1583 on the old site of Ishiyama Honganji Temple. Under Toyotomi Hideyoshi's leadership, Osaka Castle was built to become the largest defensive structure in Japan at the time, but a few years after Hideyoshi's death, Tokugawa troops attacked and destroyed. destroyed the castle and ended the Toyotomi family in 1615. By 1620, Tokugawa Hidetada rebuilt Osaka Castle, but by 1665, the castle's main tower was burned by lightning. Until 1931, the tower was restored. During the damaged period of the war, the castle was restored, the royal restoration in 1997 and the castle are now completely modern inside and even have an elevator to make it easier for guests to move.

The best places to travel in Osaka: Top 5 tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan

The castle is surrounded by strongholds, high gates, turrets, steep rock walls and 2 moats. Outside the castle is the Nishinomaru Garden, a small garden with 600 cherry trees, tea houses, and old Osaka guest houses. If you want to come here, you have to pay. In particular, this peach garden is also an ideal place to see Osaka castle from the outside.

Osaka Castle has an area of ​​about 1 km2 with lots of green space, gymnasiums, multi-purpose arenas (Osakajo Hall) and Toyotomi Hideyoshi Shrine. This park is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Osaka, and the season usually starts in early April.

3. Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine

Osaka's Sumiyoshi Taisha (住 吉 大 社, "Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine") is one of Japan's oldest temples. Built in the 3rd century, the temple is characterized by Sumiyoshi-zukuri architectural style, this style is not influenced by Asian cultures so can be considered very unique. Sumiyoshi-zukuri is characterized by a straight roof (not a domed form like houses built in the next century).

The best places to travel in Osaka: Top 5 tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan

Sumiyoshi Taisha is the main and most famous temple among more than two thousand Sumiyoshi shrines found throughout Japan. The Sumiyoshi shrines protect the kami (Shinto gods) who protect tourists, fishermen and sailors from the sea, so it is easy to see these temples near the temples. Harbor. During the New Year period, especially on the days of worship, Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of the most visited temples in the country.

4. Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple (四 天王寺, Shitennōji) is one of Japan's oldest temples and the first temple built by the state. It was built in 593 by Prince Shotoku, who assisted in bringing Buddhism into Japan. Despite being burnt many times, the temple is always repaired and remodeled to maintain the status quo as it was built in the 6th century.

The best places to travel in Osaka: Top 5 tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan

Outside the temple, there is a large courtyard, visitors are free to enter, but it will cost you if you want to go inside, go to Gokuraku-jodo garden or treasure house. In the courtyard of the inner palace area, there is a five-story pagoda, from here it is possible to visit the sanctuary of Prince Shotoku. Nearby, the Gokuraku-jodo Garden was designed based on the Western Bliss realm. In addition, there is a treasure house displaying paintings, scriptures, and other valuable objects of the temple.

Shinsekai District

Shinsekai (新世界) is considered the "new world" of Osaka, a district developed before the war and then forgotten in the following decades. Since the industrial revolution in 1903, people began to flock here more and more and gave Shinsekai the opportunity to prosper and bustle today. In the northern half of Shinsekai, people choose Paris as the development model for this area while the southern half choose Coney Island of New York. In the center of the Shinsekai district is the Tsutenkaku tower, built in 1912 after the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Although the tower was damaged during World War II, until 1956, people continued to restore it. The existing tower is 103 meters high, with the main observatory at an altitude of 91 m.

The best places to travel in Osaka: Top 5 tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan

Another attraction in the Shinsekai district is Kushikatsu cuisine, one of Osaka's most famous specialties. It's a dish made from many different ingredients: chicken, beef, pumpkin and asparagus ... they are skewered, marinated and then fried. Kushikatsu restaurants in Shinsekai are usually open 24 hours, but the busiest and most crowded activities are still at night.

Shinsekai is also famous for Spa World, a large hot tub with many swimming pools, the hot water is taken directly from deep in the ground so it is good for the body. In this bath, there are 2 floors designed with 2 different Asian and European styles. Each month, people will change the gender used in each room so that guests can experience both styles.

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