The best places to travel in Milan: Top 6 tourist attractions in Milan, Italy

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A journey to the city of Milan will be more beautiful and interesting than ever if you travel to the top tourist destinations below.

Milan is an economic and financial center of Italy. It is a city of rich cultural heritage. Let's take a look at 5 most famous tourist attractions in Milan.

Top places to visit in Milan, Italy

Duomo di Milano

The best places to travel in Milan: Top 6 tourist attractions in Milan, Italy

Located in the heart of Milan, Duomo is often the first stop when visiting the city. Churches in this period are among the most wonderful churches in the world. Built in the 14th century with a roof covered with stone hills. Interior bunkers are busy in impression with 52 giant pillars. The highlights of the duomo are bronze bridges, jewelry, columns...

Visit this place, roam between the towers and statues and admire breathtaking views!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

When you arrive at this place, you will stand in a hall like a palace, not a commercial center.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele was founded in 1877, it is one of the oldest shopping centers in the world and was designed by Guiseppe Mengoni.

The rectangular shopping area is covered with four arms covering the sunlight perfectly, while the walls and storefront are decorated with decorative stone decorative paintings. lime.

Come here to buy your favorite items because this mall has a lot of choices for you.

The best places to travel in Milan: Top 6 tourist attractions in Milan, Italy

Castello Sforzesco

The next place we would recommend to you is Castello Sforzesco.

This 15th-century castle is centrally located in Milan and is housed in spacious gardens. The original design of the castle was originally modified and added too big but still retains its elegance and status. In front of the castle is an immense brick wall with fences and frames framed by a central guard tower.

Here you will find the large watchtower and the sheer size of the castle will surprise you and the historical information about the castle is waiting for you to explore.

Sant Ambrogio

Book an airplane to Italy, visit Sant Ambrogio, this ancient building is the oldest castle in Milan and was built in 379 by St. Ambrose.

With a simple Romanesque design, this church style has not changed much since its inception and the city of Milan was built around, as it is a highlight for local residents. Due to the age of Sant Ambrogio, the interior of the church has some mosaic paintings and beautiful artwork. A visit to this church will provide an insight into Milan's history and its religious importance.

Piazza del Duomo

A central square in Milan, Piazza del Duomo is an open public space with impressive architecture and sculptures.

If you are visiting Milan, this can be considered your starting point. In the center of the square, symbolizes the glorious statue of the first Italian king of the unification - Vittorio Emmanuel.

The best places to travel in Milan: Top 6 tourist attractions in Milan, Italy

Parco Sempione Park

One of the top parks in Milan, Paro Sempione is a large public space and gardens behind the Sforzesco castle.

The park covers 95 acres and contains wonderful architecture of peace. This wonderful place has stunning views and has a myriad of footpaths, bike trails, and forests filled with sculptures and decorative fountains.

You can also find a museum in the park and Torre Branca is a large watchtower with panoramic views of the city. If you want a place to relax from busy cities, Parco Sempione is a great suggestion for you.

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