The best places to eat and drink in Melbourne, Australia

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If Seoul brings romantic moments and New York gives you spectacular skyscrapers, then Melbourne treats visitors with delicious food that cannot be ignored. Make a trip to this city right away, because your journey will be “tasty”!

Despite being a relatively small city (four million people) at basically the end of the earth, Melbourne has food that’s up there with places like New York City or London, and has the kind of variety you won’t find anywhere else.

Great places to eat and drink when traveling Melbourne

Jimmy Grants in f Richmond

The best places to eat and drink in Melbourne, Australia

Coming to Jimmy Grants, you will easily notice the prominence of the extremely attractive Greek souvlaki barbecue. Melbourne people love this meat dish and it has become a delicacy for tourists from all over the world. The kebab version with chicken and tahini yogurt is delicious. Or the meal including lamb, salad plate, sauce, potatoes and bread is also very popular with diners.

In addition to souvlaki, Jimmy Grants also has pita bread served with meat and shrimp. Besides, do not forget the pastry with chestnut, cinnamon and sweet honey called Loukoumades.

Hanoi Hannah Express Lane in Windsor

The best places to eat and drink in Melbourne, Australia

This is a Vietnamese-style dining venue in the heart of Melbourne city that we cannot miss

The food at Hanoi Hannah Express Lane is both delicious and cheap so that foodies can enjoy an "irrepressible happiness". You can order from the menu with dishes such as noodles with chicken grilled on a charcoal stove or a pork burger to enjoy. A plate of stir-fried veal will also make your stomach start to growl!

8bit in the center of Melbourne

The best places to eat and drink in Melbourne, Australia

It is the second branch of a burger chain to open in the heart of Melbourne after its brother in Footscray's western suburbs. The 8bit restaurant is located at the intersection of Little Bourke and Swanston streets, so every day, countless customers come to enjoy the great food and drink here.

Young people like to order the Double Dragon with twice as much beef, cheese and bacon than normal Dragon. There are also the fried chicken dishes, sriracha sauce and salad mixed into an attractive Golden Ax capacity with a sweet scent. The favorite desserts at 8bit are caramel milkshake sprinkled with salt.

Belles Hot Chicken in Fitzroy

The best places to eat and drink in Melbourne, Australia

Belles Hot Chicken is a restaurant designed with impressive retro style that you will enjoy from the moment you step in. Although fried chicken dishes here are cooked in a Southern style, people make them spicy, so they will challenge foodies who like to eat hot spicy food in an interesting way. Moreover, the taste of the dish is also much better. However, you can choose the right level of spicy to enjoy.

The side dishes at Belles are equally attractive such as, collard greens, unique blue cheese or Old Bay style fried potatoes served with sweet and sour sauce. The food here will definitely please any discerning traveler and you will want to come back here again and again.

Lentil As Anything

The best places to eat and drink in Melbourne, Australia

The special thing about this vegetarian restaurant is that customers do not have to pay a certain amount of money for food, instead, they just have to pay whatever amount they feel right. So, you will enjoy the frugal food here in the mood to enjoy and feel each flavor contained within.

Despite being a vegetarian restaurant, Lentil As Anything is really not monotonous about the menu as well as the nutrition that the dishes bring. The foods here are mostly Indian, gluten-free. The menu changes every day so people never get bored.

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