The Best Memes Are The Dankest Of Memes

Uncategory Aug 24, 2018 10:00

Save Guardians of the Galaxy!


Beat it, but beat it safe.

Splittin' my sides over here.

It's always a trap.

Seems like a good use of money.

My bet's on the melons.

MJ shoots webs outta her butt in the Aussie version.

Shitty owner, shitty pizza: Papa John's.

Finally something they can agree on.

Hard facts.

Rage on Zuck.

No wonder they haven't contacted us.


A master at work!

Big dick swingin'.

Words of wisdom.

So classy.

Gotta make it work somehow!

Easiest job in the world.

Gross couple, gross kids.

And Burger King is a real King.

Bad times.

Some people have all the luck.

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