The best food trucks around the globe

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The unique food trucks below promise to bring tourists new and interesting culinary experiences with the most exquisite dishes.

Found on the streets from Bangkok (Thailand) to Texas (United States), these food trucks give visitors a myriad of delicious food, convenience and many other interesting culinary experiences.

6 interesting food trucks around the world

SummerStreet - Bangkok, Thailand

This Izakaya-style food truck is a favorite address for gourmets in the city as well as tourists traveling to Bangkok Thailand.

The best food trucks around the globe

Every day, especially in the summer, both locals and Thai tourists flock here to enjoy seafood and cold beer. Understandably, the car serves a variety of delicious grilled seafood dishes including squid, octopus, and shrimp. In addition, there are many different big and small meals for diners to choose.

The best food trucks around the globe

In particular, outside the car door frame, there are rows of small seats under colorful flags for customers. To be stylish or add flavor to grilled seafood dishes, you can also order more local beers like Leo and Singha beside the famous cold beer.

The Mighty Cone - Texas, USA

The Mighty Cone - the name easily makes tourists think of an ice cream car. In reality, however, this is a food truck that sells spicy fried meats and vegetables, rolled into delectable tortillas.

The best food trucks around the globe

The Mighty Cone is one of the most expensive mobile restaurants in Texas, USA in 2020. If you are traveling to the US and want to enjoy something unique, such as tomatillo salsa verde, fresh avocado or crema, find this unique food truck.

Mother Clucker - London, England

Cleverly renovated from an ambulance, Mother Clucker has become a mobile restaurant serving the best fried chicken in the UK.

The best food trucks around the globe

Coming here, you will enjoy typical dishes of street food of fog country. Delicious, crunchy pieces of chicken or marinated meat in a rich sauce make diners want to eat two. In particular, do not miss the Bestseller - the famous 'cluckwitch' and the famous cajun of the restaurant.

Daniel Thaiger - Bangkok, Thailand

Another food truck from Bangkok, Thailand, is Daniel Thaiger. This is the pioneer name for the food truck movement in Bangkok.

The best food trucks around the globe

After a period of operation, Daniel Thaiger is popular with the people in the city as well as tourists for the super delicious sandwiches that can beat similar cakes in other restaurants or trucks. 

The main menu of this mobile restaurant is a burger with a large piece of patties from pork or beef, served with herbs, tomatoes, grilled onions and special sauce called Thaiger. Also, when you come here, you can also try Mr. Cake Steve Burger has the same filling but is covered with a generous layer of cheeses, accompanied by greasy Teriyaki sauce.

Gorilla Cheese NYC - New York, USA

Coming to the food truck Gorilla Cheese in the US, you will see a forest of memories with dishes made from cheese and attached to each person's childhood.

The best food trucks around the globe

And of course, at Gorilla Cheese, you can not resist the greasy grilled cheese, served with deliciously delicious potato pancakes, pork, chicken. With a special sauce and topping recipe, Gorilla has transformed traditional grilled cheese sandwiches into unique food for travelers, making them one to remember forever.

Misunderstood Heron - Connemara, Ireland

Located on the picturesque coastline of Killary Bay in Connemara, Ireland, Misunderstood Heron attracts tourists by its unique style of serving food.

The best food trucks around the globe

This restaurant is run by a couple - Kim and Reinaldo. It specializes in local specialties made from regional ingredients such as fresh mussels collected directly from the bay or spicy mutton-tipped Samosas. Although this dish is inspired by a tour around India, in fact, lamb is also bought from a nearby farm.

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