The best beach to visit in northern California

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The best beaches in northern California are the trend of being looked for many of the world's visitors around the globe due to its charm. From dream golden sand to outstanding experiences, you will have to regret not coming here once.

Here is the list of the best beaches in northern California that we have found for you.

Atlantic Beach

The best beach to visit in northern California
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  Located on Bogue Banks, one of the barrier islands of North Carolina, Atlantic Beach is part of the famous Crystal coastline of North Carolina. It has crystal clear water and is the perfect place for a family holiday.   Atlantic Beach offers a variety of eateries to satisfy every traveler. You will find everything from ice-cream shops and fast food in charming restaurants with a 5-course menu. When it comes to shopping, there are a few surf shops and some beach shops.  

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Wrightsville Beach

The best beach to visit in northern California
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  Wrightsville Beach is known for its crystal clear waters, the expansive beach and vibrant island life are the ideal venues for world-class water sports such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking. Relaxing tourists will enjoy the resort facilities, spa services, and shopping activities at the small shops in the beach town pampering the legs to enjoy this stroll. The seaside restaurants treat guests with fresh dishes directly from the sea and the farm. The island always has a rich leisure activity all year round. Experience the sea at a new level.

Emerald Isle

The best beach to visit in northern California
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  Emerald Isle is a town on the island of Bogue Banks, part of the Crystal coastline of North Carolina. The Bogue Inlet Pier is a famous fishing spot, with views of the Atlantic Ocean. The entrance to the west and the East Ocean area is a public point to the beach, a water sports center. Emerald Isle Woods Park has a golf course and a dock, plus trail along the coast and forest, including part of the North Carolina Trail.

Cape Hatteras

The best beach to visit in northern California
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  Located on the easternmost island of Outer Banks, Cape Hatteras is close to 70 miles known for its pristine beaches and black and white striped lighthouse. The terrain vehicle is allowed on sparse sands and has four campsites. While here, take a glimpse at sea turtles during your nest season or for a special treat, book a room to climb to the top of Cape Hatteras lighthouse at night on a full moon night.  

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Ocracoke Island

The best beach to visit in northern California
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  Ocracoke is a village on Ocracoke Island, part of the Outer Banks coastal area of North Carolina. The landmark Ocracoke 1823 lighthouse overlooks the village and the sound of Pamlico. Set in a house in the early 1900 years, the Ocracoke Conservation Society Museum keeps track of the history of the island. Nearby, his tiny cemetery contains the tombs of the WWII. Silver Lake is dotted with boats, and shops and restaurants are located along the harbor.  

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