The benefits of lemon: Is lemon juice really healthy like you think?

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People have long talked about the benefits of lemon and drinking lemon juice. However, not everyone knows how to drink lemon juice with the proper amount and at the right time.

The practical benefits of lemon juice

Benefits for digestion

Drinking lemonade will benefit the digestive process, this is an indisputable benefit we've known for many years. Among the biggest claims about lemon juice being beneficial to digestion, there is Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, author of the book 'Belly Fat Diet for Dummies', who said that flavonoids in lemons can help stomach acid disintegrate food faster, hence improve overall digestion.

The benefits of lemon: Is lemon juice really healthy like you think?

Balance the body's pH

Lemon is one of the most alkaline foods. Although it contains acid, when it enter the human body, it becomes alkaline (once metabolized, citric acid does not produce acid in the body).

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Lemon has a lot of citric acid like ascorbic acid. This is a weak acid which can easily be metabolized in the body, so the minerals in lemon are enough to alkalize blood. You only get sick when the body's pH is acidic.

Benefits of drinking lemonade in the morning

The benefits of lemon: Is lemon juice really healthy like you think?

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There are many factors that affect your night sleep, and it is natural for you to wake up every morning with dehydration. So while the first glass of lemonade in the morning can help replenish the liquid you lost at night and provide you with enough water for the day, there really isn't any proven health benefits besides that.

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How many glasses of lemonade a day is enough?

Jodi Stookey, Ph.D., nutrition epidemiologist and hydration researcher at the Oakland Children's Hospital Research Institute, conducted a study showing that drinking at least four glasses of water a day helps you lose weight. "Water can really help promote weight loss in many ways," she said. "By replacing sugary drinks or juice, you have removed calories and carbohydrates. Then, if you have enough water, you can begin to see insulin pathways more efficiently and speed up burning. fat."

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