The benefits and harms of 7 favorite barbecue dishes

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Nutritionists have ranked and made a number of recommendations for our favorite 7 types of kebabs.

It can be said that barbecue is the favorite food of many people because of its delicious taste. But from a nutritional perspective, are the attractive meat and fish dishes really good for our health? Nutrition experts have ranked the following 7 types of meat and protein-rich foods in terms of nutrition. Find out now!

The benefits and harms of 7 favorite barbecue dishes

Why should and should not eat grilled meats


According to experts, salmon is a protein-rich food that is best suited for grilling. Nutritionist Amy Myrdal Miller said: "Not only rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, grilled salmon also has a very delicious taste".

"Salmon is a great choice for grilling as it is a healthy source of protein, high in heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids," says nutritionist Amy Gorin.

The benefits and harms of 7 favorite barbecue dishes

Skinless chicken (white meat)

The second position is skinless chicken (white meat) like skinless chicken breast. Nutritionists appreciate the healthy source of protein in this meat. "Skinless chicken has protein but is low in fat, saturated fat and calories," says expert Karen Ansel.

The expert suggested: "You can prepare a healthy meal with salmon served with rye bread, sliced ​​butter, spinach and barbecue sauce!

The benefits and harms of 7 favorite barbecue dishes


Experts have ranked beef after salmon and white chicken. "Choose ground or lean minced meats to prepare," dietitian Amanda Frankeny advises.

Miller recommends using vegetables and plants when using a beef burger. "I like to add cooked diced brown mushrooms. Mushrooms will help the burger have moisture and enhance its delicious taste," the expert said.

The benefits and harms of 7 favorite barbecue dishes

Chicken has skin and bones

Ansel said grilling chicken with skin and bones can add flavor and moisturize the meat. However, Ansel noted, "The chicken skin will definitely increase the amount of fat in the meal, so I recommend that you remove it. You can remove the skin before processing and sweeping the sauce. or grill the skin with a fork and dip the chicken in the sauce to add flavor. "

The benefits and harms of 7 favorite barbecue dishes

Turkey meat

"You might be surprised to know that turkey burgers are not as low in fat as you think," says nutritionist Toby Smithson. "They usually have more fat and saturated fat than white skinless chicken," the expert said. Jill Weisenberger explained: "A lot of turkey burgers are very high in fat because they have skin on the meat. Don't assume turkey meat is less fattening than beef."

If you choose a turkey burger but really crave for beef, then maybe it's time for you to reconsider. "To be honest, the calories in beef and turkey are not significantly different," said Frankeny. "Whatever you choose, divide it into 4 parts, add vegetables or tubers and use a moderate amount of seasoning."

The benefits and harms of 7 favorite barbecue dishes

Sausage, hot dog

Experts have rated hot dogs and sausages at the back end. "Although hot dog sausages are made from beef, they actually have more than twice the fat of the protein," says Ansel.

Hot dogs and hot dogs are high in salt and fat and they often contain nitrates. "If you eat this type of food regularly, nitrates may lead to a higher risk of colorectal cancer, according to the warning of the International Agency for Research on Cancer through the World Health Organization," said Frankeny.

However, in the current trend of healthy eating with many fruits and vegetables, hot dogs and sausages will no longer be as popular as before.

The benefits and harms of 7 favorite barbecue dishes

Foods from plants and tofu

"It is important to check nutrition labels for fat, saturated and trans fat content for protein choices, for example, fats and fats," Smithson said. Saturated ratings are the same as some animal proteins, and it is also important to note that it has 14 grams of carbohydrate, the equivalent of a slice of bread.

You will need to consider this if you are monitoring your carb intake. Weisenberger said: "Many people mistakenly think that these plant-based burgers are healthier or more nutritious than animal products, but they are often made with lots of saturated fat. .

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