The Amazon forest fires and the largest forest fires in history

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Everyone in the world is confused because the flames are burning to the scary in the famous Amazon jungle. In fact, history has also witnessed large forest fires.

BREAK has synthesized and given information about the large forest fires that have ever occurred throughout the world.

The large fire of Miramichi (1825)

The Amazon forest fires and the largest forest fires in history
Source: National observer

  The large fire of Miramichi on Oct. 1825 was a forest fire that devastated all the forests and communities of northern New Brunswick. The fire also destroyed one-third of the houses in Fredericton. Especially hot summers and small fires occur frequently. On Oct. 7, 1825, a firestorm swept through Newcastle and turned the town into Ashes within three hours. The adjacent towns are similarly destroyed. The official estimate reports the number of casualties between 160 and 300, including prisoners in the Newcastle prison.  

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The Peshtigo Flame (1871)

The Amazon forest fires and the largest forest fires in history
Source: Medium

  This fire storm over 3.7 million acres in Wisconsin and Michigan in Oct. 1871, destroying dozens of towns with very intense flames that they jumped a few miles over the Green Bay. An estimated 1,500 people died in a fire, however, as many of the population records have been burned out, it is not possible to get the correct number and the number can be up to 2,500. The fire was ignited by the land, rail workers for the new traces in the summer dry bone weather. Concerned, the Peshtigo fire happened the same night as the Great Fire in Chicago, causing the tragedy of Peshtigo to fall into history. Some people have claimed a comet touching the flames, but this theory has been discounted by experts.

Greek wildfires (2007)

The Amazon forest fires and the largest forest fires in history
Source: BBC

  During the summer of 2007, Greece was devastated by wildfires that caused 84 people to be killed and burned 670,000 forests and farmland. The fires, consuming most of the Peloponnese, have burnt from January 6 to September 9, but the most dangerous is in August 8. In that month alone, 67 people died of light trails. The last film was finally extinguished on Sept. 3, 2007, but only after the flames had reached the suburb of Athens. While investigating two of the major fires in the Peloponnese, Greek officials arrested a 26-year-old farmer because of the suspected burning break. The farmer confessed and was sentenced to imprisonment. But he may not be the only culprit. Kostas Karamanlis, the prime minister of Greece, suggested that many other fires had also been intentionally started. "

Greatest Fire in Canadian history 2014

The Amazon forest fires and the largest forest fires in history
Source: The conversation

  The largest fire in Canadian history in the area was the fire in the Northwest territory of 2014. Firestorms sweep through 3.4 million hectares (ha) of a forest, but luckily there is no death. 1950, the fire of Chinchaga, swept through 1.7 million hectares of forests in northern British Columbia and Alberta and remained the largest fire in North America to date. The fires in British Columbia in 2018 burned down the 1,298,454 hectares of forest in British Columbia, surpassing the previous record of the province, organized by the British Columbia forest fires 2017.  

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The largest forest fire history: the Amazon Wildfire 2019

Amazon forests – the ' green lungs ' of the earth are burning at a terrible pace over the past 3 weeks without signs to be extinguished are causing a lot of confusion. Even, Brazilian president acknowledges that the country's government cannot afford to extinguish wildfires.  

Wildfires are raging at record speeds in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Disaster warning scientists can negatively impact the fight against climate change. The forest fires have achieved the highest number since the Brazilian Space Research Institute (INPE) started to save data in 2013. A total of 72,843 fires occurred in Brazil this year, more than half of them lie in the Amazon region, up 84% over the same period last year.  

The Amazon rainforest is burning record numbers fires, fires this year, and now the smoke from the open flame has been captured on both NASA's and NOAA's satellites from space. According to the National Institute of Space Research (INPE), satellite data shows an 83% increase over the same period in 2018. The space agency reported that their satellite data had detected more than 72,000 fires since Jan. 1, 2019.  

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