The amazing benefits of chocolate with health

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Not only is the sweet gift, chocolates also bring many health benefits such as good for the heart and brain, preventing memory loss ...

Chocolate creates a feeling of excitement, reduces the risk of cancer, stroke, good for the heart, sleep better ...

Many people believe that the fat in chocolate has a negative impact on health such as acne, obesity, hypertension, coronary disease and diabetes. However, according to nutrition experts, the truth is not so. All of chocolate's health benefits are due to the antioxidants in cocoa. The chocolate that contains high cocoa content and less sugar, the healthier it is.

According to Livescience, between dark chocolate and milk chocolate, dark chocolate is better for health. This is because dark chocolate contains at least 35% cacao, while in chocolate milk only 10%. However, because of the high cocoa content, dark chocolate will be bitter and may not be as delicious, sweet as milk chocolate.

The amazing benefits of chocolate with health

Benefits of eating chocolate that not everyone knows

Create excitement

Chocolate is an indispensable gift for couples on valentine's day. It has many health benefits, making people feel happier and happier.
Chocolate is an indispensable gift for couples on valentine's day.

According to experts, chocolate contains a small amount of tryptophan, an amino acid that stimulates the brain to produce the hormone serotonin, creating feelings of excitement. It also contains phenylethylalanine, an amino acid that acts as a natural antidepressant. Therefore, eating more chocolate will reduce stress anxiety, make you happy and feel more comfortable. Sugar has also been shown to alleviate pain in humans and animals.

The amazing benefits of chocolate with health

Reduce the risk of cancer, stroke

According to a study of about 20,000 middle-aged and elderly people from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, just eating a small bar of chocolate every day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 11% and the risk of stroke by 23%. Not only that, the flavanols in dark chocolate have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This plays a very important role in controlling the operation of free radicals. Since then, limiting and preventing many types of cancer attack body cells.

The amazing benefits of chocolate with health

Sleep better

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Cambridge (UK) think that dark chocolate is rich in magnesium, essential minerals to help the clock work properly. Therefore, a small bar of dark chocolate can help people adapt to the rhythm of day and night, bringing more quality sleep.

The amazing benefits of chocolate with health

Good for pregnant women

In addition, for pregnant mothers, eating 30 g of chocolate a day during pregnancy can stimulate fetal growth and development, according to research reported by the Atlanta Maternal and Fetal Medicine Association ( America).

The amazing benefits of chocolate with health

Reduce fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a threat to one's health and well-being. They may have headaches, heart attacks and other breathing problems. Eating about 50 grams of chocolate daily helps prevent chronic fatigue syndrome.

The amazing benefits of chocolate with health

Prevent heart disease

A chocolate bar can help you prevent heart disease because it contains some chemicals that help your cardiovascular system work better. Dark chocolate in particular can reduce the risk of heart attack by nearly 50% and coronary artery disease by 10%. So you can eat a few pieces of chocolate daily!

The amazing benefits of chocolate with health

Room for memory impairment

Researchers at Harvard Medical University claim that drinking two glasses of hot chocolate every day helps the brain stay healthy, clear and reduces the risk of memory loss in the elderly. In particular, cocoa extract called lavado can reduce the nerve damage commonly seen in Alzheimer's patients. Therefore, it slows down the process of memory impairment and amnesia caused by the elderly.

However, experts recommend that, besides the benefits, the milk chocolate with a sweet taste that many people eat daily contains high sugar content, high energy. Therefore, those who want to lose weight or maintain normal weight should only consume in moderation. The high sugars in milk chocolate can also cause tooth decay, especially in children.

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