The 7 most beautiful islands in the world 2019

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The island is attracted by the ability to bring people as they are in Paradise dream. With its alluring beauty, it is always the place where many people aspire to come, especially those islands with great beauty due to the creation of the board.

BREAK will give you a list of the most mystical and fascinating islands in the world in 2019.

Puerto Rico

The 7 most beautiful islands in the world 2019
Source: Forbes

  The tourist editors called Puerto Rico one of the best places to visit in 2019 and the readers agreed, which considers it the top spot in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. Just a few hours from the east coast, Puerto Rico offers classic Carribean charm with a huge benefit to Americans: no passport required. Do not leave without sampling the most iconic dish of the island, Lechón but crispy skin. Here are the best spots to find it all over Puerto Rico.  

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Bora Bora, Tahiti, French Polynesia

The 7 most beautiful islands in the world 2019
Source: The plunge

  Known as the paradise of scuba diving, the island of Bora Bora will cause you to linger with its beauty. Take a romantic break and experience the splendor of the high-class lagoons and Motus (small islands). A bizarre feature about the wooden houses on the water, on the island, are some of the glass floor owners for tourists to encounter a night in paradise. You can travel on the island through the boat or rent a bicycle, in case there is no public transport. Let the splendid beauty of the island flow in your blood and watch the sun mingle with the sea in the most handsome way.


The 7 most beautiful islands in the world 2019
Source: Real gap

Of the 332 islands that form the volcano of Fiji, only about 110 are inhabited. The biodiversity, both above and below the surface in this South Pacific Paradise attracts visitors from all over the world diving to see its spectacular corals, and marvel at over 2,000 orchids in a giant sleeping garden, the former private house of actor Raymond Burr.

Capri Island, Italy

The 7 most beautiful islands in the world 2019
Source: Get Your Guide

  Located off the Bay of Naples, Capri Island is famous in the world due to its incredible scenery. So beautiful, at the beginning of the first century BC, the Roman Emperor Tiberius moved the capital to the island of Capri, building many of the temples of the mansion, whose ruins remained until now. The Noble Royal era, the upstream in the ancient world, chose Capri as the ideal vacation home.  

Foreign tourists to Capri usually only spend a day, am going on an afternoon, but that time is too short to explore all the beauty of the show as well as the hidden charm of the island. Ten minutes before the boat hits the Grand Harbor Marina Grande, the island of Capri began to appear before his eyes gradually raised. The shophouse is built, running from the marina to the top of the hill. From afar, the town is like an impressionistic painting, the mainstream color is white lime, ivory sand but is dotted with colorful colors.

Santorini Island, Greece

The 7 most beautiful islands in the world 2019
Source: Dreamingreece

  Santorini is one of the beautiful islands located in the southern Aegean Sea, the mainland part of the Greek "Land of Mythology" 200 km to the southeast. The island has a circular shape and is a remnant of a crater. Santorini's home architecture is distinctive or can be said to be unique in Europe.  

The tourists believe that Santorini's charm lies in the philosophy of the resonator and the interhuman between nature and people. Blue Sky, the house is green. The House of the mountain. The rock embraces the black sandy coast-a characteristic of the volcanic bush. Two grams of white and blue as the color of the Greek country flag in Santorini make it more special to all other special places, in this vast world.

Saint Lucia Island, Caribbean

The 7 most beautiful islands in the world 2019
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  Saint Lucia is considered the jewel of the Caribbean, also known as the "Blue Paradise of the Earth". Many people suspect that this is a part of Hawaii is drifting about the waters. From above, the island of Saint Lucia's tears looks like a precious piece of jewelry from the sky falling to the eastern Caribbean Sea with turquoise mountains, golden beaches and crystal-clear waters sparkling in the sun.  

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The 7 most beautiful islands in the world 2019
Source: Lonely Planet

  The Maldives has everything to amaze tourists looking for its paradise, with underwater restaurants coming to the resort with stunning views, you name it! The Maldives have become great accommodation for honeymooners and bachelors who are looking for comfort and peace. Be a tourist and experience world-class scuba diving amid the Maldives ' marine biodiversity and get yourself a full-body villa set in the most secluded island of the Maldives, Meeru.  

Collect some soul food by getting hands-on a getaway, away from home and the bustling city life. Make your spirits happy by enjoying yourself in some of the most exciting activities and underwater adventures. So decide, choose one of the 6 most beautiful islands mentioned above in the world and start a worthwhile trip all the time!  

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