The 7 best cities in Florida

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Florida is one of the best states in America by the special favor of nature, which has brought here a perfect climate feature and stunning beaches. The best cities in Florida possess points that many tourists in the world aspire to come.

Florida is the place to have sunshine, Mickey mouse, and more than 600 miles of a picturesque beach. In this paradise, there is never a lack of work to do and the impartial approach of the state's life makes every day a little more fun. Here are the best places to live in the sunny state of sunshine.

1. Orlando

The 7 best cities in Florida
Source: Orlando weekly

  The most popular tourist destination in Florida, every year there are millions of visitors who pour back into the city because of the magical theme park lying around it. While Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando are the main attractions, the city itself, though often overlooked, is worth spending more time and relaxation than many parks. Here, you can wander through the beautiful gardens and parks that make way for tree-lined paths. There are also some great museums and great restaurants to check out. There's a lively performing arts scene, some huge shopping malls, and if you're still energetic after a day full of theme parks, there are a few good spots with the hoarse nightlife.

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2. Miami

The 7 best cities in Florida
Source: mansion global

  This more than 92,000 residents have the largest collection of decorative art architectures in the world, along with wonderful beaches, top restaurants, and dynamic nightspots. While the city is renowned for being a partying place, there are many family-friendly things to do at Miami Beach. Close to 20 distinct neighborhoods that create the city's scenery, making Miami Beach a magnet that attracts many groups of residents and tourists alike. Miami Beach is ranked as one of the 100 Best Places to live.

3. Tampa

The 7 best cities in Florida
Source: Mentalfloss

  With the blend of historic architecture and modern landmarks, a culture that permeates Cuban and Spanish flavors, vibrant business areas and stunning water paths, Tampa is a great place to work, have fun and relax.  

The lively business district with its urban parks, including the magnificent Tampa Riverwalk, the innovative bar and restaurant, and the amazing restoration of century buildings.  

For the people as well as the visitors, there is no shortage of things to do in Tampa, whether it's paddle along the Hillsborough River, try Tequila at the Margarita Festival, enjoy a professional football or hockey game, ride the roller coaster at the Busch Gardens or attend  A opera in the Straz Center.

4. Fort Lauderdale

The 7 best cities in Florida
Source: 10 Best

  Fort Lauderdale is famous for its beaches, arts, culture, and events. From shopping on Las Olas Avenue to the Creek gondola to a historic waterfront.  

Just two miles north of Port Everglades, you can experience the coastal promenade of Fort Lauderdale, with white wave signatures and paved road tiles. Across the street, visit luxury hotels, and enjoy shopping or dining in Fort Lauderdale or a 90-minute amphibious tour of exotic Las Olas Avenue, historic districts, and villas and yachts scattered with Millionaires Row.  

Stop at the home of Stranahan, a preserved house from the years 1900 is equipped with antiques of the era. Or "Follow the red Brick Road" by Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk, the landscaped park, to the arts and entertainment district. Trying to keep in shape? Dive into the Atlantic Ocean, walk into the Everglades or enjoy a workout and healthy fare at the resort's spa.

5. Clearwater

The 7 best cities in Florida
Source: Coastal living

  Clearwater is a city in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida known for its sunny weather and Gulf Coast beaches. Clearwater Beach, on a barrier island, is a 3-mile long stretch of white sand backed by hotels and restaurants. Wounded dolphins and sea turtles are recovered at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. In the city's Spectrum Field, the Phillies professional baseball team played spring training games.

6. Pensacola

The 7 best cities in Florida
Source: Trip Advisor

  Throughout his history, Pensacola was ruled by Britain, Spain, France, the Union, and the United States; Hence, its alias is "the city of five flags." The historical village of Pensacola features the city's story through guided walking tours.  

Meanwhile, the downtown area has art galleries, restaurants, and cultural venues. Pensacola's beaches are not to be missed, with white sand and stunning waters.  

In addition, when it comes to the highest aviation cities, the northwest city of Florida is the Top Gun. Pensacola was not only a place where all naval pilots were trained; It is also the location of the impressive National Naval Aviation Museum and the Air team of the Blue Angel Navy.  

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7. West Palm Beach

The 7 best cities in Florida
Source: the palm beaches

  Located in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach is a lively place that attracts people from all over, due to a wide range of restaurants and cinemas, live music scene and a bustling nightlife. With a welcoming population and a large gay community, this is a friendly place to visit. An interesting water line runs through the city and there are many great beaches in the area of your choice.  

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